Summer Nutrition Tips for Diabetics

For diabetics, what to drink and what to eat must be carefully considered to avoid high blood sugar.

Summer makes the body’s load more fluid, so people often have the habit of drinking carbonated water to quench their thirst. Not providing enough water can lead to elevated blood sugar, which is why people with diabetes need to monitor their health regularly and pay attention to their daily diet.

Sweet juices should be avoided
It’s nice to have a glass of juice when the sun is shining. However, this water does not provide enough of the essential nutrients the body needs, and people with diabetes need special attention. So, keep a bottle of filtered water with you when you go out in the summer.

Eat more fiber
People with diabetes should add more fiber to their daily meals. Because fiber slows the rate at which sugar enters the bloodstream, it prevents blood sugar from rising in the body. On the other hand, eating foods that contain fiber will help you feel full longer and reduce food cravings.

Eat mango in moderation
According to the Journal of Health, mangoes are a fruit that contains natural sugars, which can lead to elevated blood sugar if eaten in excess. However, mangoes are also a good source of fiber and antioxidants, which can minimize the overall impact on blood sugar levels. So, if you have diabetes, then you should eat mango in moderation.

Keep your body hydrated
Always carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. Water is moisturizing, keeps blood sugar low and removes toxins from the blood.

Check the glycemic index (GI) of foods

The glycemic index is also known as the GI of a food. This is a parameter that categorizes food and drink groups based on how quickly blood sugar rises relative to glucose after eating.

On a 100-point glycemic index, any food with a high glycemic index is not good for diabetics because it can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar that can lead to weight loss. Can be very tiring. So, don’t forget to check your gastrointestinal tract before eating any fruit.

Try different foods
Cook as much as possible. In addition to adding foods that contain a lot of water to your diet, you can learn how to prepare them in many other ways than eating familiar dishes with familiar recipes.

For example, you can replace your dinner with a bowl of cucumbers or a few slices of watermelon

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