The best HDMI cables for your Entertainment Center

12-05-2021 - Choose the right HDMI cable for a better home entertainment experience.

Table etiquette taught by the robot could explain why it doesn't follow the rules

23-04-2021 - We use so-called inner speech, where we talk to ourselves, to evaluate situations and make better decisions. Now, a robot has been trained to speak aloud its internal decision-making process, giving us insight into how it prioritizes competitive needs.

Facebook handles data breaches in internal emails

21-04-2021 - An internal email of people inside Facebook, accidentally sent to Belgium-based Data News, reveals their strategy to deal with the shocking leak of account details from 533 million users in the world.It shows that the social network is expecting more such incidents and is planning to see it as an

The artificial nervous system senses light and learns to emulate people

16-04-2021 - A simple nervous system can mimic how humans respond to light and learn to perform basic tasks. This principle can be used to make robots and prosthetics more useful.

Can the European Union stop artificial intelligence?

16-04-2021 - A European Union plan to regulate artificial intelligence could lead companies to violate proposed rules of mass surveillance and discrimination fined millions of euros. The bill, leaked before its official release later this month, shows the EU is trying to figure out "a third way" to regulate AI,

Apple was forced to give Russian iPhone users local apps when set up thanks to the new law

02-04-2021 - Shortcuts to install Yandex Browser and email client are now available in the

Tencent Music is currently under a joint label with all of the 'big three' labels

23-03-2021 - Tencent's music streaming company is further tightening its ties with the "three major record companies," its main licensing partners.

Game Warhammer 2 is worth as you expect

13-03-2021 - This Total War: Warhammer 2 mod gives AI more interesting armies. We assume Total War: Warhammer 2's AI makes ample enough armies - but they all tend to look pretty similar in terms of composition.

You will be able to actively exploit the Apple 3 iOS Flaws Hacker patches at home

27-01-2021 - Apple's description of iOS vulnerabilities shows that hackers combined them to spread malware to victims.Apple is warning that hackers may be exploiting three bugs in iOS to hijack the iPhone.

Tencent records 100 million daily users with Honor Of Kings mobile game

19-12-2020 - Released in 2015, Tencent’s Honour of Kings continues to break records with 100 million average daily active users to date.


19-12-2020 - The aliens are back, but you can use double chainguns, so everything will be fine.


19-12-2020 - Surgeon Simulator 2 is even less involved in surgery than its predecessor. It’s also a much better game.


19-12-2020 - Hades is a life-like action NGO where the story is as important as fighting.

Best Free Games 2020: top free games to download on your PC

19-12-2020 - Gaming can be expensive, so we’ve synthesized the best free games on

Tech stocks rise higher on Election Day

19-12-2020 - Tech stocks rose higher as U.S. voters went to the polls, again far beyond the results that could tell who would be elected president.