Coc Coc browser protects internet users

29-08-2021 - Coc Coc Joint Stock Company issued a notice saying that, after careful consideration and preparation, Coc Coc browser has officially completed the switch to using Google Chrome's user agent on Google

Apple upgrades Mac mini with SSD option to 2TB, RAM option 64GB, 10Gb Ethernet

20-08-2021 - Apple officially upgraded Mac mini (since 2018) with new configuration and 256 GB and 512 GB SSD options. With the basic configuration, there will

Instructions on how to connect Xbox controller to PC

11-08-2021 - The console controller always brings a new feeling of experience to PC games. In this article, Hanoi Computer will show you how to connect your Xbox controller to your personal computer.

Vietnam's desire to master military equipment technology

23-07-2021 - Recently, the report of Military Force Overview 2020 (Military Balance 2020) of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, UK) mentioned Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (VHT) as one of the typical new defense equipment enterprises in

Innovative solutions for the workplace during the Covid pandemic

12-06-2021 - Managing people and crowds is no easy task especially during the COVID-19 pandemic taking it to a whole new level of complexity. There are several solutions that you can use to handle HR operations. Conventional manual processes are mostly

Valve is developing a new handheld game console

29-05-2021 - As revealed by Technica, Valve is developing a new gaming device, described as a handheld PC.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories to maximize your fun

08-05-2021 - Since the panel is the most versatile, the most versatile accessories are available.

Brian Sicknick: The US Capitol Riot Police 'died of natural causes'

20-04-2021 - A US police officer who died after the Capitol riots in January, suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, the Washington DC chief medical examiner issued the

Rate your PC on fire: Awaken in technology inequality

14-04-2021 - From Siri to the QWERTY keyboard, inequality has been embedded in the technology we increasingly rely on. A new book, Your Computer on Fire, is a call to recognize technology problems - and fix them.

Tencent Music is currently under a joint label with all of the 'big three' labels

23-03-2021 - Tencent's music streaming company is further tightening its ties with the "three major record companies," its main licensing partners.

The best PC games for 2021

27-01-2021 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is just one of 190 expert review articles on 16 categories. This is exactly the best PC game you should be playing right nowIf you're looking for a good PC game to play, you've come to the right

5G, cloud advantages and disruptions: Why now is the time to change

14-01-2021 - Sponsored If one gathers a language analysis of all the conversations held at MWC 2020, later this month in Barcelona,

The best offers for Electronic Mondays under $50 are still available now

24-12-2020 - Our favorite PC gaming offers (and some other extras) you can get for less than $50.

Best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals for under $1000

24-12-2020 - All offers for Cyber Monday gaming laptops won't cost you an arm and a leg.

14 open source tools to get the most out of machine learning

19-12-2020 - Harness the predictive power of machine learning with these diverse, easy-to-implement libraries and

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft put their cloud ahead

19-12-2020 - As businesses intensify their marginal computing deployments, the big three clouds are looking for a surprising range of edge options for a wide range of needs.

Switch to dynamic distributed cloud architecture

19-12-2020 - Now that we’re taking things to the edge, an emerging approach knocked on the door of the cloud-only model and just for the edge.

Cheap gaming PC deals this week

19-12-2020 - On the market for a new computer? Save more with these systems! The deal to buy cheap gaming


19-12-2020 - Set the load time in rear view with our options for the best NVMe SSDs.

Top 5 strangest Free Fire skill combos that come unexpectedly well

19-12-2020 - This is the weirdest as well as most unique skill combo in Free Fire that you’ve ever had and they actually work pretty well.

Best games like GTA for Android 1GB RAM: Here’s how to enjoy gangster life on low-end devices

19-12-2020 - Although there are no PC devices, game lovers can now enjoy other open world games like GTA

Everything you need to know about light machine guns in free fire

19-12-2020 - Light machine guns in free fires are rare and often ignored. Here’s everything you need to know about this class of weapons.


19-12-2020 - It was a murder on the dance floor. I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself frozen because of ini


19-12-2020 - Hades is a life-like action NGO where the story is as important as fighting.

How digital transformation is reshaping our world

19-12-2020 - This week, we’re excited to have our customers and partners around the globe join Dell Technologies’ World Digital Experience.

Best Free Games 2020: top free games to download on your PC

19-12-2020 - Gaming can be expensive, so we’ve synthesized the best free games on

New base software appears to fix Samsung G7 Odyssey screen flickering problem

19-12-2020 - Some users report that the 240Hz gaming screen is pending. Not anymore.

Oculus Quest 2 pre-orders ‘far exceed original Quest more than five times’

19-12-2020 - VR headsets seem to sell very well, although you have to log into Facebook.