Post-Covid digital transformation using cloud computing platform

11-07-2021 - With the "push" from the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation will certainly take place strongly and comprehensively in all fields, helping Vietnamese businesses to be flexible in changing operating models, saving money and saving money. cost reduction, cost reduction. lower costs. costs,

5G, cloud advantages and disruptions: Why now is the time to change

14-01-2021 - Sponsored If one gathers a language analysis of all the conversations held at MWC 2020, later this month in Barcelona,

The role of the cloud in elections is becoming more and more important

19-12-2020 - Most campaigns see poll data, logistics and demographics as fundamentals to winning an election.

Why you made a mistake in the cloud

19-12-2020 - Now that the best-operating methods for cloud computing are well known, why do mistakes keep piling up?