Apple, Google, Walt Disney plan to reopen

16-10-2021 - Apple is slowly reopening stores across the US, after having difficulty resuming operations at stores in Alaska, Idaho, and Alabama earlier this month.

New experience with Google camera 8.3, exclusively for Android users

11-09-2021 - Currently, Android users are very fond of Google camera because it supports many advanced photography features such as taking photos at night, Night Mode, Portrait Mode,

Explore the planets in the solar system with Google Maps

10-09-2021 - Now, without having to directly fly into space, we can still explore the planets and moons in the solar system thanks to the Google Maps application.

Coc Coc browser protects internet users

29-08-2021 - Coc Coc Joint Stock Company issued a notice saying that, after careful consideration and preparation, Coc Coc browser has officially completed the switch to using Google Chrome's user agent on Google

Google tests shopping feature on YouTube

10-08-2021 - Google is testing a YouTube shopping featureYouTube is a famous video platform, YouTube's revenue comes from advertising and

Apple, Google Join the 6G Alliance

30-06-2021 - American technology giants, including Apple, Google, and Intel, have just joined the Next G Alliance, an alliance with the goal of promoting 6G mobile networks.

The basics of Google's suggest (autocomplete) function

24-06-2021 - Usually when setting a title for an article content, what standards will developers usually base on?The answer you get will probably be: no matter what form the article content has, the basic standard when creating a title is still based on the needs of the user (user).

Google's new Timelapse feature shows the impact of climate change over decades

16-04-2021 - "We can objectively see global warming with the naked eye," said the director of Google Earth. On Thursday, Google revealed a new feature for the Google Earth service that allows people to view 3D models of the planet using satellite imagery. Users will now be able to see how landscapes and

Google Cloud announces retail updates, expands Lowe's and Wayfair partnerships

14-01-2021 - Google Cloud has announced that it is expanding its retail acceleration (RAP) program among other initiatives designed to scale up retailers' cloud projects.

How IONOS aims for privacy and Europe to have a solid market share in the cloud market

19-12-2020 - Hyperscale providers continue to dominate the cloud infrastructure and storage market.

10 great places to find free data sets for your next project

19-12-2020 - Wondering where to find free and open data sets for your next data project? There’s no need to look

Where to find open and free data files on the web

19-12-2020 - From government, health, and financial data to weather, baseball, and Star Trek,

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft put their cloud ahead

19-12-2020 - As businesses intensify their marginal computing deployments, the big three clouds are looking for a surprising range of edge options for a wide range of needs.

How to get the most out of Google Cloud’s free tier

19-12-2020 - 10 tips for expanding Google’s free services to the limit and pin your cloud meter to 0.

Looking into Big Tech’s post-2020 future

19-12-2020 - Strong performance in the pan-panolym makes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft ready for continuous growth and increased regulatory

Facebook game power with live streaming

19-12-2020 - Facebook on Monday launched a free independent app to create and watch video games streamed on Android devices.

Best games like GTA for Android 1GB RAM: Here’s how to enjoy gangster life on low-end devices

19-12-2020 - Although there are no PC devices, game lovers can now enjoy other open world games like GTA