Facebook commits to long-term investment in Vietnam

16-10-2021 - Facebook has just launched the program "Facebook for Vietnam" around issues of digital economy, smart city, community support, ... in Vietnam.

Apple, Google, Walt Disney plan to reopen

16-10-2021 - Apple is slowly reopening stores across the US, after having difficulty resuming operations at stores in Alaska, Idaho, and Alabama earlier this month.

Great features only at Apple, don't worry about being scammed when buying a used device

14-10-2021 - Today, the iPhone market is as vibrant as ever. Besides new goods in original boxes, buying used iPhones is no less

Amazfit GTR 3 GTR 3 Pro and Amazfit GTS 3 launched with many screen improvements, battery life and new features

14-10-2021 - Zepp Health has successfully launched a new smartwatch under its Amazfit GT series.

I-Stop system on Mazda cars and unknown things

13-10-2021 - There are many questions regarding Mazda's I-Stop system from drivers as well as car mechanics.

LG replaces Sharp as camera module for iPhone 13

13-10-2021 - LG Innotek will receive a large number of orders to produce camera modules for iPhone 13 after Sharp's factory in Vietnam is temporarily closed because of Covid-19.

If technology is subverted, will people live forever?

12-10-2021 - With the development of modern science and technology, human life is getting better and better.

Virtual currency of Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang sold off

12-10-2021 - After peaking on September 29, the virtual currency of Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang had many sell-off sessions, pulling the value down by 58%.

What's outstanding in Bluestacks 5 version?

11-10-2021 - What new features does Bluestacks 5 have? How to download and install Bluestacks 5?

Overview of the iOS 15 operating system

11-10-2021 - Is there a way to downgrade iOS 15 to 14.8? Surely this is the question of many Apple users after upgrading to iOS 15.

Microsoft has a bold idea when using the human brain to mine coins

10-10-2021 - Recently, Microsoft announced a new technology invention, it seems that technology believers only think in fiction movies.

AMD Zen 4 will not support PCI Express 5.0

09-10-2021 - PCIe 4.0 introduced in 2017, is the fourth generation of the protocol to connect peripherals to the

ASUS introduces new GeForce GT 730 series of graphics cards with 4 HDMI ports

09-10-2021 - Compared to a few months ago, the shortage of graphics cards has recently eased and prices have also dropped.

Beware of fake Windows 11 installations that spread malware

08-10-2021 - Although the final version of Windows 11 will be released in early 2022, Microsoft has provided this installation to all customers who registered for the Insider program after officially announcing the operating system.

Mozilla Firefox will be available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11

08-10-2021 - Microsoft said that in Windows 11, it hopes to allow developers to easily submit any applications and games to the

Apple 24-inch iMac at a glance

07-10-2021 - Apple’s recently launched 24-inch iMac has a slim design, comes in a variety of variants, and is available in a variety of colors.

Apple improves outdoor cycling in watchOS 8

07-10-2021 - Apple has taken serious steps to improve outdoor cycling on the new watchOS 8.

What if the phone does not support fast charging with a fast charging accessory?

06-10-2021 - Currently, fast charging has become a very popular tool, because of its convenience and timeliness. However, there are still questions that arise such

Xiaomi introduces Dayoo dishwasher with convenient wall-mounted design, priced at only VND 2.8 million

06-10-2021 - Usually today in households, it is not difficult for us to come across images of built-in dishwashers and built-in kitchen cabinets.

How to prevent screen time syndrome when using the computer all day

05-10-2021 - According to research and surveys, people who use laptops, desktop computers, and phones for a long time will be very susceptible to screen vision syndrome.

Microsoft launches Ocean plastic mouse made from recycled plastic

05-10-2021 - In the recent product launch, Microsoft also introduced to users a line of computer mice made from

Explore the coolest iPhone features on iOS 14

04-10-2021 - iOS 14 brings many new and convenient utilities to Apple's iPhone series.

TikTok-terrible social network, boycotted by the whole world

04-10-2021 - In a short period of time, TikTok has become "the most terrifying social network in the world." Why did China's apps face such fierce resistance?

How often should you restart your iPhone to help it run smoothly with less errors?

03-10-2021 - Smartphones in general and iPhones in particular don't need to take frequent breaks, but shutting them down and restarting them periodically will benefit your iPhone.

Unique invention: Electric rice cooker for believers who want to eat well and lose weight

03-10-2021 - Recently, a Japanese guy with the nick Bomb_tamio has just created a barbecue that makes netizens extremely

What criteria does a laptop for video editing need?

02-10-2021 - What criteria should a best laptop for video editing meet?

Should I buy a dell laptop or not?

02-10-2021 - Dell is a big, long-standing and famous brand with ultra-durable laptops. However, some of you are still wondering if Dell laptops are

Apple stops cooperating with Samsung on the project of using OLED screens for iPad Air 2022

01-10-2021 - According to a recent report from The Elec, Apple has stopped a cooperation project with Samsung, specifically the iPad Air 2022 will not be supported by Samsung's OLED screen technology.

"Heartbroken" to see the iPhone 13 Pro "tortured" to test its durability

01-10-2021 - After a long wait, iPhone 13 has been officially launched by Apple. Although there are not many design changes, it has been strongly upgraded in terms of durability and performance.

Iphone users must change sims because of Ios 14

30-09-2021 - The above problem appeared when Mr. Thong updated his iPhone to the first iOS 14 version and the situation repeated on iOS 14.0.1 - the updated operating system version with bug fixes.

LG factory in Viet Nam

30-09-2021 - According to Business Korea, after announcing its withdrawal from the smartphone market, LG will take the next steps to close factories in Hai Phong

6 interesting and useful features on Oppo A15

29-09-2021 - These are the features you should definitely know when using Oppo A15 phone. It will help you a lot in the process of using it.

6 reasons to replace Surface Pro 7 with Surface Pro 8

29-09-2021 - So far, Microsoft Surface 7 has been launched less than a year ago, but its successor Surface Pro 8 quickly became an obsolete

3 things about the new stylish color iPhone 13 mini

28-09-2021 - What will the pink iPhone 13 mini look like, and what price many users are interested in this new generation of iPhone.

How does DxOMARK evaluate the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera?

28-09-2021 - Ranked 4th among smartphones with the best cameras on the market today.

Handle disabled iPad error very quickly

27-09-2021 - In some cases, users may forget the password causing the iPad to be disabled. Here are the causes of the disabled iPad error and the 3 fastest ways to fix this error.

Many solutions are needed to make digital transformation a driving force for Vietnam

27-09-2021 - Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management Nguyen Hoa Cuong said that there are many shortcomings in policies and institutions that prevent Vietnam's digital economy from developing to its full potential.

Architect introduces 3D printed steel modular house

26-09-2021 - The architects introduced the butterfly-shaped house, which can produce its own renewable energy and does not use stairs.

Robot system to help neutralize landmines

26-09-2021 - Disabling mines (torpedoes) is known to be a dangerous task.

'Gentlemen debunk' Elon Musk makes Bitcoin go up and down like a 'roller coaster'

25-09-2021 - Since the beginning of this year, extravagant billionaire Elon Musk has been constantly driving Bitcoin and other digital currencies up and down like a "roller coaster" by sharing on social networks.

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