Microsoft has a bold idea when using the human brain to mine coins

10-10-2021 - Recently, Microsoft announced a new technology invention, it seems that technology believers only think in fiction movies.

Mozilla Firefox will be available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11

08-10-2021 - Microsoft said that in Windows 11, it hopes to allow developers to easily submit any applications and games to the

Microsoft launches Ocean plastic mouse made from recycled plastic

05-10-2021 - In the recent product launch, Microsoft also introduced to users a line of computer mice made from

Microsoft launches Windows 11, allowing free upgrades from Windows 10

22-09-2021 - After 6 years since the Windows 10 operating system was used, Microsoft has launched a successor product called Windows 11 with many completely new

Microsoft Office 2021 will officially launch on October 5

17-09-2021 - Microsoft will launch Office 2021 on October 5, the same time as Windows 11. This office suite is for people who don't want to buy a Microsoft 365 subscription.

How does Microsoft improve the Your Phone app?

07-06-2021 - Your Phone allows you to run multiple Android apps on your desktop as if they were native Windows apps instead of being limited to just 3 apps like

Will Apple and other tech companies launch a better watch because of Covid?

20-04-2021 - In 2000, the scene where Steve Ballmer, then a Microsoft CEO, sweaty, full of energy, became a viral hit after he stepped onto the stage and shouted over and over again. Same word.

Where to find open and free data files on the web

19-12-2020 - From government, health, and financial data to weather, baseball, and Star Trek,

Azure Databricks parallel Photon query tool preview

19-12-2020 - Microsoft and Databricks said the vectorization query tool written in C++ speeds up Apache Spark workloads up to 20

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft put their cloud ahead

19-12-2020 - As businesses intensify their marginal computing deployments, the big three clouds are looking for a surprising range of edge options for a wide range of needs.

How to get the most out of Google Cloud’s free tier

19-12-2020 - 10 tips for expanding Google’s free services to the limit and pin your cloud meter to 0.

Looking into Big Tech’s post-2020 future

19-12-2020 - Strong performance in the pan-panolym makes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft ready for continuous growth and increased regulatory

Facebook game power with live streaming

19-12-2020 - Facebook on Monday launched a free independent app to create and watch video games streamed on Android devices.

Microsoft covers all facilities with the impressive surface formation

19-12-2020 - On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a range of new products, including surface go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2, and Surface Earbuds.

New 3DMark DXR test helps AMD vs Nvidia in a fight to find pure rays to death

19-12-2020 - The battlefield where AMD RDNA 2 will charge at Nvidia Ampere has been selected.