7 weirdest and most "harmful" smartphone accessories on earth

02-08-2021 - The plus point for these accessories is that they can make you and your smartphone... stand out from the crowd.

Startup about game of Vietnam reaches a market capitalization of 2.6 billion USD

31-07-2021 - As of the morning of July 26, on Coinmarketcap, each Axie Infinity coin (codename AXS) costs $41.83. With nearly 62 million cryptocurrencies in circulation, the market capitalization of AXS is about $2.6 billion, ranking 42nd in the global cryptocurrency market.

18+ games are not suitable for playing in front of many people

29-07-2021 - There are too many scenes of violence and sex, these scenes are not suitable for you to show and play in front of people.

Nvidia reduces the power of RTX 3080 and 3070 when mining Ethereum virtual currency

21-07-2021 - Nvidia recently continued to reduce the ability to mine Ethereum virtual currency for the new generation of GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards.After Nvidia reduced the virtual currency mining performance on the RTX 3060 released in March, the new line of graphics cards will be

India is back to being the cheapest car supplier to Vietnam, with an average of only 218 million VND

13-07-2021 - In May 2021, the average price of cars imported from India suddenly dropped to US$9.5 thousand, equivalent to VND 218 million.

Be wary of being invited to invest in “AI Robots”

07-07-2021 - Recently, the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection has issued a warning about illegal multi-level business activities in the form of investment in "AI Robots" with potential legal risks.

What to pay attention to when using air conditioners during the epidemic season?

06-07-2021 - We are entering the extremely uncomfortable hot days of summer, with the epidemic situation continuing to be complicated. In such hot weather, what should users pay attention to when using the air conditioner all day? Do not miss the article below.

Kungfu wireless charging feature happens to the phone battery?

06-07-2021 - Wireless charging came out a few years ago, but it took a while for it to work for phones. So how does this technology work, how does it affect the battery of the phone, let's find out in this article.There are certain limitations when wireless charging is first

Facebook hacking is back, please refer to the following 5 ways to protect your account

03-07-2021 - Recently, there have been many incidents of celebrities being exposed to sensitive images on personal devices such as

Launch of GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN limited edition COLORFUL

21-06-2021 - Yesterday, COLORFUL officially launched the limited edition GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN graphics card in an 8-minute video posted on bilibili.

Motherboard H510 Pro BTC+ for bitcoin miners coming soon

21-06-2021 - Some initial images of ASRock's upcoming H510 Pro BTC+ Motherboard. This motherboard will be available for sale at the end of July, targeting customers as its name implies, none other than bitcoin miners.

Help you drive safer in everyday life

15-06-2021 - Do not ignore the following 5 car tools that will help you drive smarter and safer. Let's follow this article together!

Roblox crosses $2 billion in mobile revenue alone

13-06-2021 - According to estimates by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Roblox has surpassed the $2 billion mark in lifetime sales globally, including iOS and Android.

Should I turn off the phone when charging?

11-06-2021 - Should the phone battery be turned off when charging? Will this help shorten the battery charging time as rumored by technology followers? Let's go with Keythuthuat to find the answer in the following article.

Should I turn off my phone when not in use?

11-06-2021 - Should the phone be powered off when not in use? If you listen, this question seems simple. However, this has been a controversial issue in the community for a long time.

Tips to fix stuttering, lag when watching livestream on Facebook

09-06-2021 - If you use your phone to watch videos or watch livestream on Facebook but often get jerky, lag, freeze, etc., you can refer to the ways below to fix it.


08-06-2021 - Ictnews The world is entering the "green revolution". Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the largest in the world, accounting for almost 1% of GDP in the UK, 6% in the US and 12% in

Australia confirmed that the computer network of its Parliament was attacked by hackers

07-06-2021 - Because countermeasures were deployed immediately when the cyber attack was discovered, Australia was not harmed.

How does Microsoft improve the Your Phone app?

07-06-2021 - Your Phone allows you to run multiple Android apps on your desktop as if they were native Windows apps instead of being limited to just 3 apps like

Growth of 483%, China's Xpeng electric car continuously sets a sales record

05-06-2021 - The Xpeng electric car model in the Chinese market set a record with sales in May reaching 5,686 units.

Toyota launches Land Cruiser special edition 70th anniversary

05-06-2021 - Toyota's full-size off-road SUV is about to be launched a special version, with many attractive equipment in its home market of Japan.

Porsche recalls Panamera and Taycan due to suspension problems

04-06-2021 - A total of 565 Porsche Panamera versions and Taycans are recalled in the US due to a problem with the suspension system.

Crysis 2 & 3 is about to be remade, set a date to crush gamers' computer hardware

02-06-2021 - Gamers should prepare themselves a machine with a powerful hardware platform to be able to enjoy the crisp graphics of Crysis Remastered Trilogy in the smoothest way.Speaking of games close to gamers' hardware, it is impossible not to mention Crysis from developer

Kia Cerato 2021 is coming soon in Korea

31-05-2021 - It is expected that this April, the upgraded version of the 4th generation Kia Cerato will be introduced in Korea.


31-05-2021 - The years 2010 - 2011 were probably the early stages of the Vietnamese mobile game village. At that time, most Vietnamese gamers were still enamored with many love-making games such as Kiem The, Thien Long Bat Bo or were caught up in the explosive wave of web games at that time.


31-05-2021 - At the present time, when it comes to famous games, most people will often think of some names like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, LQMB... However, if you look at the list of titles. The best-selling game in history, Mario, or Minecraft are the brands that are leading the way.

Summary of iPhone models that can play PUBG Mobile

29-05-2021 - In the past 1 year, there are games that have always dominated all the large and small charts of mobile games, compared to other competitors, PUBG Mobile seems to be slightly better in terms of the number of players as well as the number of players.

Nvidia earns $155 million from crypto mining chips in fiscal Q1

28-05-2021 - Graphics card maker Nvidia made $155 million in revenue from chips designed for cryptocurrency mining in its first fiscal quarter. The company acknowledges that cryptocurrency miners have also driven sales in the gaming product segment that remains its main

Benefits of playing mobile games

28-05-2021 - With the modernity and continuous development of science and technology today, the smartphone and ipad mobile phones are more and more high-configuration models with a full range of models and types. Users can download the game and play it right on their "mobile phone".

Singapore temporarily approves rapid Covid-19 breath test

26-05-2021 - Singapore authorities have temporarily licensed a method of testing Covid-19 through breath in less than a minute.

Japan: The rate of "ordering" information technology students has increased sharply

26-05-2021 - The results of the latest survey of graduating students in Japan showed that 17.6% of students received job offers, of which students majoring in information technology increased sharply.According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Tokyo, the latest survey on the number of graduating

The world's Bitcoin mining 'site' is about to change places

21-05-2021 - Strict regulations on energy sources may cause large mining farms in China to move to other areas.

The best HDMI cables for your Entertainment Center

12-05-2021 - Choose the right HDMI cable for a better home entertainment experience.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories to maximize your fun

08-05-2021 - Since the panel is the most versatile, the most versatile accessories are available.

Review The Mitchells vs The Machines: Good sci-fi comedy cartoon

04-05-2021 - Katie Mitchell knows her family is not the ideal choice to save humanity from the rise of the machines. As she admits, they only have "weaknesses" and completely don't know what they're doing.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer Early Access Release Date is imminent

26-04-2021 - CD Projekt Red and Spokko have announced that The Witcher: Monster Slayer will launch in early access for Android this summer, now with registration open.

Diablo Immortal mobile game for you

26-04-2021 - Set between Diablo II and III, Diablo Immortal is an entirely new and exclusive mobile part of the series. It shares a visual style with Diablo III, along with multiple layers, so long-term players will feel at home.

Crash Bandicoot: On the run

26-04-2021 - One of Glen's most anticipated games of 2021 is the return of the 90s, featuring the world's beloved Bandicoot. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is essentially a mobile version of the series you know and love, challenges you to slide, shoot and jump through familiar locations in the history of the series.


26-04-2021 - The First Solider is a flashy battle royale game where you play as a Solider candidate armed with assassin powers and an arsenal of

The biggest new mobile games coming in 2021

26-04-2021 - List of all new mobile games launched in

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