The best HDMI cables for your Entertainment Center

12-05-2021 - Choose the right HDMI cable for a better home entertainment experience.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories to maximize your fun

08-05-2021 - Since the panel is the most versatile, the most versatile accessories are available.

Review The Mitchells vs The Machines: Good sci-fi comedy cartoon

04-05-2021 - Katie Mitchell knows her family is not the ideal choice to save humanity from the rise of the machines. As she admits, they only have "weaknesses" and completely don't know what they're doing.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer Early Access Release Date is imminent

26-04-2021 - CD Projekt Red and Spokko have announced that The Witcher: Monster Slayer will launch in early access for Android this summer, now with registration open.

Diablo Immortal mobile game for you

26-04-2021 - Set between Diablo II and III, Diablo Immortal is an entirely new and exclusive mobile part of the series. It shares a visual style with Diablo III, along with multiple layers, so long-term players will feel at home.

Crash Bandicoot: On the run

26-04-2021 - One of Glen's most anticipated games of 2021 is the return of the 90s, featuring the world's beloved Bandicoot. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is essentially a mobile version of the series you know and love, challenges you to slide, shoot and jump through familiar locations in the history of the series.


26-04-2021 - The First Solider is a flashy battle royale game where you play as a Solider candidate armed with assassin powers and an arsenal of

The biggest new mobile games coming in 2021

26-04-2021 - List of all new mobile games launched in

Table etiquette taught by the robot could explain why it doesn't follow the rules

23-04-2021 - We use so-called inner speech, where we talk to ourselves, to evaluate situations and make better decisions. Now, a robot has been trained to speak aloud its internal decision-making process, giving us insight into how it prioritizes competitive needs.

TikTok sues billions of dollars using children's data

21-04-2021 - TikTok is facing a legal challenge from former UK child commissioner Anne Longfield over how it collects and uses child data.

Brian Sicknick: The US Capitol Riot Police 'died of natural causes'

20-04-2021 - A US police officer who died after the Capitol riots in January, suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, the Washington DC chief medical examiner issued the

Will Apple and other tech companies launch a better watch because of Covid?

20-04-2021 - In 2000, the scene where Steve Ballmer, then a Microsoft CEO, sweaty, full of energy, became a viral hit after he stepped onto the stage and shouted over and over again. Same word.

Facebook faces mass legal action over data leaks

19-04-2021 - Facebook users whose data was compromised due to a big data leak are being urged to take legal action against the tech giant.

Google's new Timelapse feature shows the impact of climate change over decades

16-04-2021 - "We can objectively see global warming with the naked eye," said the director of Google Earth. On Thursday, Google revealed a new feature for the Google Earth service that allows people to view 3D models of the planet using satellite imagery. Users will now be able to see how landscapes and

The artificial nervous system senses light and learns to emulate people

16-04-2021 - A simple nervous system can mimic how humans respond to light and learn to perform basic tasks. This principle can be used to make robots and prosthetics more useful.

Can the European Union stop artificial intelligence?

16-04-2021 - A European Union plan to regulate artificial intelligence could lead companies to violate proposed rules of mass surveillance and discrimination fined millions of euros. The bill, leaked before its official release later this month, shows the EU is trying to figure out "a third way" to regulate AI,

China's bitcoin mining emissions will reach 130 million tons by 2024

14-04-2021 - Carbon mining related carbon emissions have risen rapidly in China, and they will soon outstrip the total annual emissions of mid-sized European countries.

Rate your PC on fire: Awaken in technology inequality

14-04-2021 - From Siri to the QWERTY keyboard, inequality has been embedded in the technology we increasingly rely on. A new book, Your Computer on Fire, is a call to recognize technology problems - and fix them.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West agreed to win joint custody after the divorce

13-04-2021 - Kanye West has agreed to take custody of his 4 children and Kim Kardashian.

China forced Jack Ma's Ant Group to restructure

13-04-2021 - China has been forced to broadly restructure Ant Group to make the fintech company act more like a bank. Ant Group's massive launch of a whopping $ 37 billion (£ 27 billion) market share was deflected by regulators in November over concerns over its financial model.

How many trash cans in the space?

13-04-2021 - The space seems pretty empty. After all, most of the volume of the universe is a vacuum that will kill you. But humanity has not only taken away memories and left only footprints on the last

Apple will use Tesla's ‘megapack’ batteries on a solar farm in California

02-04-2021 - The company's new energy storage project is built on top of Tesla technology. On Wednesday, Apple announced that it was building a large battery storage project at a solar farm in Northern California, which was at the forefront of 2015. But what the company doesn't share is the sets. The battery

Apple was forced to give Russian iPhone users local apps when set up thanks to the new law

02-04-2021 - Shortcuts to install Yandex Browser and email client are now available in the

Run Godzilla is the first of three Godzilla games to come to Android this year, launching March 26, 2021

28-03-2021 - TOHO Games just announced three Godzilla mobile games, the first to hit the Google Play Store on March 26.

Tencent Music is currently under a joint label with all of the 'big three' labels

23-03-2021 - Tencent's music streaming company is further tightening its ties with the "three major record companies," its main licensing partners.

Elden Ring from Elden Ring is modified to Skyrim

21-03-2021 - Elden Ring from Elden Ring, an upcoming game that we know very little about, has been modified to Skyrim. The mod creates jewels, based on the literal interpretation of the game title, in a group, forcing players to search for it.

Game Warhammer 2 is worth as you expect

13-03-2021 - This Total War: Warhammer 2 mod gives AI more interesting armies. We assume Total War: Warhammer 2's AI makes ample enough armies - but they all tend to look pretty similar in terms of composition.

Twitter will label misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and enforce an alert system

02-03-2021 - Repeatedly sharing false information can lead to your account being locked outTwitter on Monday announced that it would begin labeling tweets sharing false information about the COVID-19

PUBG Mobile’ is the highest-grossing mobile game worldwide in 2020

26-02-2021 - PUBG Mobile is the leading mobile game by revenue worldwide by 2020, according to data from Sensor Tower.

Facebook is embroiled in an Israeli political war

01-02-2021 - There is a growing debate about how censors should treat the term 'patriotism'.

You will be able to actively exploit the Apple 3 iOS Flaws Hacker patches at home

27-01-2021 - Apple's description of iOS vulnerabilities shows that hackers combined them to spread malware to victims.Apple is warning that hackers may be exploiting three bugs in iOS to hijack the iPhone.

Google Cloud announces retail updates, expands Lowe's and Wayfair partnerships

14-01-2021 - Google Cloud has announced that it is expanding its retail acceleration (RAP) program among other initiatives designed to scale up retailers' cloud projects.

5G, cloud advantages and disruptions: Why now is the time to change

14-01-2021 - Sponsored If one gathers a language analysis of all the conversations held at MWC 2020, later this month in Barcelona,

2020 is a 'bumper year' for data center M&A - between Covid-19 - as value surpasses 2019 total

14-01-2021 - Data center real estate remains an extremely valuable asset if the 2020 deal figures so far are anything to go by - with Covid-19's impact on cloud services expected not to weaken the market.

The best offers for Electronic Mondays under $50 are still available now

24-12-2020 - Our favorite PC gaming offers (and some other extras) you can get for less than $50.

Best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals for under $1000

24-12-2020 - All offers for Cyber Monday gaming laptops won't cost you an arm and a leg.

How and where to buy Nvidia RTX 3080, RTX 3070, or RTX 3090

24-12-2020 - There are still several ways to make sure you can get yourself a Christmas Ampere.

How and where to buy AMD RX 6800 XT or RX 6800

24-12-2020 - You don't need bots to help get a new AMD graphics card, you just need to find the right place.

AWS launches Port Load Balancer for highly scalable and available network devices

19-12-2020 - Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched AWS Gateway Load Balancer

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