If technology is subverted, will people live forever?

12-10-2021 - With the development of modern science and technology, human life is getting better and better.

Microsoft has a bold idea when using the human brain to mine coins

10-10-2021 - Recently, Microsoft announced a new technology invention, it seems that technology believers only think in fiction movies.

AMD Zen 4 will not support PCI Express 5.0

09-10-2021 - PCIe 4.0 introduced in 2017, is the fourth generation of the protocol to connect peripherals to the

ASUS introduces new GeForce GT 730 series of graphics cards with 4 HDMI ports

09-10-2021 - Compared to a few months ago, the shortage of graphics cards has recently eased and prices have also dropped.

Mozilla Firefox will be available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11

08-10-2021 - Microsoft said that in Windows 11, it hopes to allow developers to easily submit any applications and games to the

What if the phone does not support fast charging with a fast charging accessory?

06-10-2021 - Currently, fast charging has become a very popular tool, because of its convenience and timeliness. However, there are still questions that arise such

Xiaomi introduces Dayoo dishwasher with convenient wall-mounted design, priced at only VND 2.8 million

06-10-2021 - Usually today in households, it is not difficult for us to come across images of built-in dishwashers and built-in kitchen cabinets.

How to prevent screen time syndrome when using the computer all day

05-10-2021 - According to research and surveys, people who use laptops, desktop computers, and phones for a long time will be very susceptible to screen vision syndrome.

Microsoft launches Ocean plastic mouse made from recycled plastic

05-10-2021 - In the recent product launch, Microsoft also introduced to users a line of computer mice made from

What criteria does a laptop for video editing need?

02-10-2021 - What criteria should a best laptop for video editing meet?

6 reasons to replace Surface Pro 7 with Surface Pro 8

29-09-2021 - So far, Microsoft Surface 7 has been launched less than a year ago, but its successor Surface Pro 8 quickly became an obsolete

How does DxOMARK evaluate the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera?

28-09-2021 - Ranked 4th among smartphones with the best cameras on the market today.

Architect introduces 3D printed steel modular house

26-09-2021 - The architects introduced the butterfly-shaped house, which can produce its own renewable energy and does not use stairs.

People may be banned from driving when self-driving car technology is complete

24-09-2021 - People may be banned from driving when self-driving car technology is complete - the job of the "saints" of the car driving test is to wait

Vietnamese people do not have the habit of using Vietnamese software

23-09-2021 - Faced with the situation that online learning software in Vietnam is often overloaded in the first week of the new school year 2021-2022.

Preliminary information on Unihertz Titan Pocket

23-09-2021 - When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, many people in the "feature phone" market laughed at him.

Microsoft launches Windows 11, allowing free upgrades from Windows 10

22-09-2021 - After 6 years since the Windows 10 operating system was used, Microsoft has launched a successor product called Windows 11 with many completely new

Mobile marketing, now what to do?

22-09-2021 - Most Vietnamese people think Mobile Marketing is SMS Marketing and think SMS Marketing is spam!

Folding iPhone - Folding smartphone trend is very popular?

21-09-2021 - Called iPhone Flip, this smartphone was born based on the core of a regular iPhone that can be folded in the middle like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Revealed Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be equipped with a super camera

20-09-2021 - Xiaomi's upcoming flagship phone in 2022 could be the first with the highest 200MP camera ever. This information, shared by leak expert Digital Chat Station on

Bubble screen technology helps prevent major storms

19-09-2021 - OceanTherm is looking at using bubble screen technology to lower water surface temperatures, cut off energy supplies and make hurricanes stronger.

6 In-Place 3D Printing Trends in 2021

18-09-2021 - Since 2020, wide-ranging industries have suffered unprecedented disruptions due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese hackers attacked the network of 10 Indonesian ministries and agencies?

17-09-2021 - The intranets of at least 10 Indonesian government agencies and organizations have been suspected of being hacked by Chinese hackers, raising concerns about cybersecurity in the nation of ten thousand islands.

Microsoft Office 2021 will officially launch on October 5

17-09-2021 - Microsoft will launch Office 2021 on October 5, the same time as Windows 11. This office suite is for people who don't want to buy a Microsoft 365 subscription.

A Vietnamese filed a lawsuit against Apple for selling low-quality Airpods, which cannot be returned even though the warranty is out

16-09-2021 - Claiming that the Airpods 2 product was of poor quality and did not receive support from the store, this man himself wrote a lawsuit against the system as well as sued Apple and asked for compensation.

Why does the phone have signal but can't make calls?

15-09-2021 - Phones that have signal but cannot make calls often cause confusion for those who encounter them.

Intel decided to close down the RealSense computer vision business

14-09-2021 - Since Pat Gelsinger became Intel's CEO, he has committed to reorganizing Intel's business and resources.

New experience with Google camera 8.3, exclusively for Android users

11-09-2021 - Currently, Android users are very fond of Google camera because it supports many advanced photography features such as taking photos at night, Night Mode, Portrait Mode,

Is the Ferrari men's watch from any country good?

09-09-2021 - The Ferrari men's children's watch has an impressive sporty design, suitable for the age of the baby, but the price is extremely affordable. Let's learn more about this watch through the article below.

Computers, phones, headphones sold out during Covid

09-09-2021 - Entering the new school year, parents rush to buy phones, laptops and related accessories for their children to study online but have to go back and forth many times because every store is "on fire".

Qualcomm upgraded Snapdragon Sound to use Bluetooth to support lossless audio transmission

08-09-2021 - Marked a milestone in the global deployment of Snapdragon Sound technology, with 30 Original Parts Manufacturers (OEMs) signing technology agreements and pioneering commercial products from

The need for energy storage

08-09-2021 - Renewable energy, also commonly known as clean energy, is generated from natural sources or certain natural processes that are formed continuously.

Things to know about children's locator watches

07-09-2021 - The locator children's watch is becoming more and more popular in the market thanks to the smart special features it brings.

Opportunities for eSports to develop in Vietnam

05-09-2021 - Not facing the risk of depletion like oil, the digital economy is spearheading growth in many regions around the world. In particular, the development of new industries such as video games, e-sports, etc.

Xiaomi's decision to kill the "Mi" brand

04-09-2021 - According to information, Xiaomi will soon make a big change, that is, no longer naming smartphones combined with the name "Mi".

Launched modern blue Acer Swift 3, powerful Gen 11th performance

02-09-2021 - Configuration: 14FHDIPS/1135G7/16GBOB/512/AX/Win/LED KB/Gradient

Robot 'daughter' removes the loneliness of the elderly

01-09-2021 - With big round eyes and a cheerful voice, the Ami-chan robot has just been launched in Japan, promising to remove the loneliness of the elderly during social distancing.

Coc Coc browser protects internet users

29-08-2021 - Coc Coc Joint Stock Company issued a notice saying that, after careful consideration and preparation, Coc Coc browser has officially completed the switch to using Google Chrome's user agent on Google

Drones - How are drones reforming China's agriculture industry?

28-08-2021 - Since China's reform and opening up of the economy, the share of China's labor force working in the fields has dropped dramatically, from 55% in 1991 to 16% in 2018.

Apple launched an Android whirlpool ad, inviting to switch to iPhone

27-08-2021 - The battle between the two biggest mobile platforms today continues to heat up with Apple's latest ad.

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