Colorful launches "Blockbuster" Geforce RTX 3090 RTX graphics card

26-08-2021 - Colorful's limited edition graphics card will only be sold 1,000 units, with a suggested retail price of $4,999, equivalent to VND 115 million.

Installing cheap surveillance cameras in apartments has many benefits

26-08-2021 - Installing cheap surveillance cameras is a smart choice to protect your property, safety and security for the best family.

How to make your own ringtone on iPhone is very easy and completely free

25-08-2021 - No need to spend money to buy or do complicated operations on your computer, now you can make your own ringtones for iPhone with just 2 completely free applications.

Race track 96 review - a ride well worth the ride

24-08-2021 - Walk the unfinished road and try to make a

Netflix's Kingdom Is Having Its Own Cross-Platform Mobile Game

24-08-2021 - Are you a fan of the Korean Netflix horror show? Well, we have some good news for you, as Action Square is developing a cross-platform multiplayer game based on the show, called Kingdom: The Blood.

The first phone with Snapdragon SiP chip just launched, what is Snapdragon SiP?

23-08-2021 - How is it different from previous Snapdragon chips we know?

Cars imported from Russia are unexpectedly low, averaging only 381 million VND

22-08-2021 - Russia is surprisingly the 2nd country in the ranking of countries supplying cheap cars to Vietnam with the price of 381 million VND, behind Indonesia with an average price of 284 million VND.

Vietnam's NanoDragon satellite will be launched in early 2022

18-08-2021 - The NanoDragon satellite, designed and manufactured by Vietnamese engineers, was sent to Japan on the afternoon of August 11, 2021 to be transferred to the Uchinoura Space Center launch site, Kagoshima Prefecture.Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, General Director of the Vietnam Space Center

Nvidia launches RTX A2000 graphics card, performance in the palm of your hand

17-08-2021 - The RTX A2000 graphics card was officially launched by Nvidia at the SIGGGRAPH 2021 event yesterday. This is the latest product in the RTX A series for professional workstations.

LHR graphics card is "cracked" to increase mining performance, the tiring day of gamers begins again

17-08-2021 - It seems that LHR (Low Harsh Rate) graphics cards will help reduce the situation of "miners" hoarding, but for professional miners, nothing is

Technology changes the world

16-08-2021 - Beginning in the 1950s and 1980s, computer technology evolved from giant mainframe computers to smaller personal computers, but most companies only see technology as a supporting function.

The Safari browser will support login with Face ID and Touch ID later this year. Strange but familiar, do you know why?

15-08-2021 - The Safari browser on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur has been introduced to a bunch of new features. In particular, the highlight is the web login with Face ID and Touch ID, a very nice and handy feature.

iPhone 12 Pro will support 4K video recording at 120 fps and 240 fps, sounds exciting

15-08-2021 - Specifically, the video recording modes are said to include the ability to record 4K videos at 120 fps and 240 fps.

Apple AirTag is advised to keep out of reach of children

14-08-2021 - Currently, Apple is in a difficult situation when the batteries inside the AirTag are labeled as hazardous to children, even the replacement batteries are not safe for children.

What is watermark? Instructions on how to remove Watermark in Word quickly

13-08-2021 - Word documents stamped with logos or watermarks are very familiar to everyone. Closing the watermark will help limit the editing or copying of content.

What is iPhone 12 Pro 2 physical SIM? Should I buy it?

09-08-2021 - In the iPhone 12 Pro phone segment, besides the 1 physical eSIM 1 SIM version, users also have the option of iPhone 12 Pro 2 physical SIM. So what is the physical dual SIM iPhone 12 Pro? Let's find out right here.In the iPhone 12 Pro phone segment, besides the 1 physical eSIM 1 SIM version, users

Vietnamese gamers are about to experience "a vast, authentic and free Gypsy"

07-08-2021 - That's what the "father" of NetEase and publisher VNG describe about the game Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG.

Game market in Vietnam 2021: Growing day by day, growing dramatically

06-08-2021 - Vietnam is one of the fertile markets for the thriving Game industry. With the advantage of a young population, easily adapting and receiving the new wave of technology, is the "trade avenue" of the world's leading game publishers from Japan, Korea, and China. and North America region.

Cyberpunk 2077 recovers the cost of 8 years of development just one day after launch

05-08-2021 - Just a few days after the game's release, CD Projekt gave the game some incredible numbers.

7 weirdest and most "harmful" smartphone accessories on earth

02-08-2021 - The plus point for these accessories is that they can make you and your smartphone... stand out from the crowd.

Startup about game of Vietnam reaches a market capitalization of 2.6 billion USD

31-07-2021 - As of the morning of July 26, on Coinmarketcap, each Axie Infinity coin (codename AXS) costs $41.83. With nearly 62 million cryptocurrencies in circulation, the market capitalization of AXS is about $2.6 billion, ranking 42nd in the global cryptocurrency market.

18+ games are not suitable for playing in front of many people

29-07-2021 - There are too many scenes of violence and sex, these scenes are not suitable for you to show and play in front of people.

Nvidia reduces the power of RTX 3080 and 3070 when mining Ethereum virtual currency

21-07-2021 - Nvidia recently continued to reduce the ability to mine Ethereum virtual currency for the new generation of GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards.After Nvidia reduced the virtual currency mining performance on the RTX 3060 released in March, the new line of graphics cards will be

India is back to being the cheapest car supplier to Vietnam, with an average of only 218 million VND

13-07-2021 - In May 2021, the average price of cars imported from India suddenly dropped to US$9.5 thousand, equivalent to VND 218 million.

Be wary of being invited to invest in “AI Robots”

07-07-2021 - Recently, the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection has issued a warning about illegal multi-level business activities in the form of investment in "AI Robots" with potential legal risks.

What to pay attention to when using air conditioners during the epidemic season?

06-07-2021 - We are entering the extremely uncomfortable hot days of summer, with the epidemic situation continuing to be complicated. In such hot weather, what should users pay attention to when using the air conditioner all day? Do not miss the article below.

Kungfu wireless charging feature happens to the phone battery?

06-07-2021 - Wireless charging came out a few years ago, but it took a while for it to work for phones. So how does this technology work, how does it affect the battery of the phone, let's find out in this article.There are certain limitations when wireless charging is first

Facebook hacking is back, please refer to the following 5 ways to protect your account

03-07-2021 - Recently, there have been many incidents of celebrities being exposed to sensitive images on personal devices such as

Launch of GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN limited edition COLORFUL

21-06-2021 - Yesterday, COLORFUL officially launched the limited edition GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN graphics card in an 8-minute video posted on bilibili.

Motherboard H510 Pro BTC+ for bitcoin miners coming soon

21-06-2021 - Some initial images of ASRock's upcoming H510 Pro BTC+ Motherboard. This motherboard will be available for sale at the end of July, targeting customers as its name implies, none other than bitcoin miners.

Help you drive safer in everyday life

15-06-2021 - Do not ignore the following 5 car tools that will help you drive smarter and safer. Let's follow this article together!

Roblox crosses $2 billion in mobile revenue alone

13-06-2021 - According to estimates by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Roblox has surpassed the $2 billion mark in lifetime sales globally, including iOS and Android.

Should I turn off the phone when charging?

11-06-2021 - Should the phone battery be turned off when charging? Will this help shorten the battery charging time as rumored by technology followers? Let's go with Keythuthuat to find the answer in the following article.

Should I turn off my phone when not in use?

11-06-2021 - Should the phone be powered off when not in use? If you listen, this question seems simple. However, this has been a controversial issue in the community for a long time.

Tips to fix stuttering, lag when watching livestream on Facebook

09-06-2021 - If you use your phone to watch videos or watch livestream on Facebook but often get jerky, lag, freeze, etc., you can refer to the ways below to fix it.


08-06-2021 - Ictnews The world is entering the "green revolution". Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the largest in the world, accounting for almost 1% of GDP in the UK, 6% in the US and 12% in

Australia confirmed that the computer network of its Parliament was attacked by hackers

07-06-2021 - Because countermeasures were deployed immediately when the cyber attack was discovered, Australia was not harmed.

How does Microsoft improve the Your Phone app?

07-06-2021 - Your Phone allows you to run multiple Android apps on your desktop as if they were native Windows apps instead of being limited to just 3 apps like

Growth of 483%, China's Xpeng electric car continuously sets a sales record

05-06-2021 - The Xpeng electric car model in the Chinese market set a record with sales in May reaching 5,686 units.

Toyota launches Land Cruiser special edition 70th anniversary

05-06-2021 - Toyota's full-size off-road SUV is about to be launched a special version, with many attractive equipment in its home market of Japan.

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