Motherboard H510 Pro BTC+ for bitcoin miners coming soon

21-06-2021 - Some initial images of ASRock's upcoming H510 Pro BTC+ Motherboard. This motherboard will be available for sale at the end of July, targeting customers as its name implies, none other than bitcoin miners.

Is the price of PlayStation 5 worth buying?

19-06-2021 - In recent days, the official price of PlayStation 5 announced by Sony is causing a fever in the world gaming

Help you drive safer in everyday life

15-06-2021 - Do not ignore the following 5 car tools that will help you drive smarter and safer. Let's follow this article together!

Lego and the childhood of many children around the world

14-06-2021 - LEGO always emphasizes, all of their activities will still focus on the development of children above all. The primary concern is how through play, children can develop to the fullest extent, bringing the brightest future to the world.

Some details you should not ignore when buying a new laptop

14-06-2021 - Laptops help you complete work or entertainment in your spare time, but choosing the right laptop is not simple at all.

Innovative solutions for the workplace during the Covid pandemic

12-06-2021 - Managing people and crowds is no easy task especially during the COVID-19 pandemic taking it to a whole new level of complexity. There are several solutions that you can use to handle HR operations. Conventional manual processes are mostly

Should I turn off my phone when not in use?

11-06-2021 - Should the phone be powered off when not in use? If you listen, this question seems simple. However, this has been a controversial issue in the community for a long time.

Tips to fix stuttering, lag when watching livestream on Facebook

09-06-2021 - If you use your phone to watch videos or watch livestream on Facebook but often get jerky, lag, freeze, etc., you can refer to the ways below to fix it.


08-06-2021 - Ictnews The world is entering the "green revolution". Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the largest in the world, accounting for almost 1% of GDP in the UK, 6% in the US and 12% in

Australia confirmed that the computer network of its Parliament was attacked by hackers

07-06-2021 - Because countermeasures were deployed immediately when the cyber attack was discovered, Australia was not harmed.

How does Microsoft improve the Your Phone app?

07-06-2021 - Your Phone allows you to run multiple Android apps on your desktop as if they were native Windows apps instead of being limited to just 3 apps like

Valve is developing a new handheld game console

29-05-2021 - As revealed by Technica, Valve is developing a new gaming device, described as a handheld PC.

Nvidia earns $155 million from crypto mining chips in fiscal Q1

28-05-2021 - Graphics card maker Nvidia made $155 million in revenue from chips designed for cryptocurrency mining in its first fiscal quarter. The company acknowledges that cryptocurrency miners have also driven sales in the gaming product segment that remains its main

Japan: The rate of "ordering" information technology students has increased sharply

26-05-2021 - The results of the latest survey of graduating students in Japan showed that 17.6% of students received job offers, of which students majoring in information technology increased sharply.According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Tokyo, the latest survey on the number of graduating

Apple boss admits MacBook's weakness

21-05-2021 - Apple representatives admitted that the ability to install applications from many sources makes the security of Mac computers worse than iPhones.Testifying during Apple's hearing with Epic Games, Apple's Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, had many comments, one of which was

Catalyst Black game mobile

26-04-2021 - Developer Vainglory Super Evil Megacorp is continuing the success of one of the biggest mobile MOBA with Catalyst Black, a brand new type of shooter designed to take advantage of our favorite platform.

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody

26-04-2021 - Do we need to say more than "new Castlevania"?

Will Apple and other tech companies launch a better watch because of Covid?

20-04-2021 - In 2000, the scene where Steve Ballmer, then a Microsoft CEO, sweaty, full of energy, became a viral hit after he stepped onto the stage and shouted over and over again. Same word.

The artificial nervous system senses light and learns to emulate people

16-04-2021 - A simple nervous system can mimic how humans respond to light and learn to perform basic tasks. This principle can be used to make robots and prosthetics more useful.

Rate your PC on fire: Awaken in technology inequality

14-04-2021 - From Siri to the QWERTY keyboard, inequality has been embedded in the technology we increasingly rely on. A new book, Your Computer on Fire, is a call to recognize technology problems - and fix them.

China forced Jack Ma's Ant Group to restructure

13-04-2021 - China has been forced to broadly restructure Ant Group to make the fintech company act more like a bank. Ant Group's massive launch of a whopping $ 37 billion (£ 27 billion) market share was deflected by regulators in November over concerns over its financial model.

Google Cloud announces retail updates, expands Lowe's and Wayfair partnerships

14-01-2021 - Google Cloud has announced that it is expanding its retail acceleration (RAP) program among other initiatives designed to scale up retailers' cloud projects.

Tesla Battery Day live stream: how to watch and when to start

19-12-2020 - Elon Musk will also hold Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting during this live

Looking into Big Tech’s post-2020 future

19-12-2020 - Strong performance in the pan-panolym makes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft ready for continuous growth and increased regulatory


19-12-2020 - Set the load time in rear view with our options for the best NVMe SSDs.

How monster hunters rose from proper imports into an international sensation

19-12-2020 - A summary of the history of the series in the East and West through the eyes of a hunting veteran.

Tech stocks rise higher on Election Day

19-12-2020 - Tech stocks rose higher as U.S. voters went to the polls, again far beyond the results that could tell who would be elected president.