The cost of replacing the iPhone 13 "screen is extremely expensive

   iPhone 13 Series has been officially launched and the news related to this product line has never stopped being hot. Recently,    Apple also revealed the screen replacement cost of this iPhone line.
   iPhone 13 Series screen replacement costApple Defect has revealed the cost of replacing the iPhone 13 Series screen when the warranty expires:
   iPhone 13 Mini: 1,699 yuan (~ 6 million VND).iPhone 13: 2,149 yuan (~ 7.6 million VND).iPhone 13 Pro: 2,149 yuan (~ 7.6 million VND).iPhone 13 Pro Max: 2,559 yuan (~ 9.05 million dong).If you buy AppleCare +, the screen replacement price is only about 188 yuan (~ 655,000 VND). The above charges apply only for screen damage and for any other damage there will be an additional charge.
   What will customers get if they buy AppleCare+?In addition, Apple also said that the battery replacement price for the iPhone 13 series is about 519 yuan (~ 1.83 million VND). However, if you purchase AppleCare+, it will be replaced free of charge.
   Also in the report, each iPhone will be covered by a 1-year hardware warranty and 90-day free phone technical support during the limited warranty period.
   The AppleCare+ service plan will extend your iPhone's service warranty. It also offers up to two 12-month accidental damage warranties. For the screen, the service fee is 188 yuan (~ 655,000 VND) and for other damages, the fee is 628 yuan (~ 2.2 million VND). If you do not know, the price of the AppleCare + package for the iPhone 13 series is 1,198 yuan (~ 4.2 million VND).