The doctor said: these 4 foods will increase the risk of bowel cancer, it is best to stay away

Many people lost their lives. This shows that it also has a certain threat to the human body.

This disease is inseparable from people’s diet and activities. In addition to eating more foods that are good for the body, what other foods are harmful to the body and increase the production of cancer cells? clock:

The doctor said: These 4 foods increase the risk of bowel cancer, and it is best to avoid:

  1. Spicy and stimulating food

This is the type of food that people like to eat today. But despite their delicious taste, these spicy foods are the killer of the intestines. If consumed for a long time, the intestines will be more difficult. In severe cases, it can cause diarrhea and even aggravate intestinal discomfort.

In extreme stages, nitrite is easily released, and they increase the risk of cancer.

These 4 foods will increase the risk of bowel cancer
  1. Fried food

This is a kind of food that is very harmful to human health. It not only increases the risk of bowel cancer, but also irritates the stomach and causes damage to the stomach. For high-temperature fried foods, some proteins and other ingredients in the food will decompose at high temperatures, and even produce carcinogenic chemicals.

  1. BBQ

This is one of the summer delicacies that everyone loves, many of which are rich in meat and high in protein. After baking, some carcinogens are released. At the same time, in addition to causing harm to the human intestines, it also makes people susceptible to stomach cancer and liver cancer.

  1. Sour food

I believe everyone is familiar with kimchi, such as the kimchi that many middle-aged and elderly people like to eat every day. You know, although it is delicious, it is also carcinogenic. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people with poor physical conditions, if a large amount of these foods are consumed, it will invisibly bring more salt to the body, and there will be potential health risks over time. ..

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