Things to know about children's locator watches

   The locator children's watch is becoming more and more popular in the market thanks to the smart special features it brings.    Below, Websosanh will give parents a more detailed look at this useful line of devices.
   For parents, the safety of their children is always a top priority. A smart watch with special features such as the ability to locate GPS will be an option worth your consideration. The following article Wenbsosanh will analyze the features and uses of this product line for parents to better understand the need for a locating children's watch.
Things to know about children's locator watchesWhy should you buy a children's locator watch?
Your baby's mind quickly and accurately
   In an emergency, the baby's position can be determined accurately and quickly. The watch has a GPS positioning feature to help ensure the safety of the child when parents can observe and find the location of the child anytime, anywhere.
Send an alarm in case of bad situation
   Children can call their parents in dangerous situations quickly. Emergency call mode and Panic button help support children to alarm in unsafe cases and send notifications to parents for timely resolution.
Replace Smartphone
   The useful features of GPS watches for kids are likened to Apple watches for adults. For many young children who are not yet allowed to use a phone, a watch with GPS function will be a reasonable and perfect alternative.
The price of this type of watch is much lower than a smartphone with essential features for young children. Less lost or forgotten than smartphones because babies always wear them on their wrists.
Some notes about locating children's watches
   – Compared to ordinary children’s watches, GPS watches are much more expensive. Besides, parents also have to subscribe to 2G or 3G monthly for the watch to connect, so it will cost an extra amount.
GPS watches can bring a sense of security, but at the same time create invisible pressure for children when they feel that their parents are always watching them.
   – Integrated with many utilities and entertainment features, GPS watches sometimes distract children. However, because it integrates many intelligent functions, children are easily addicted to playing, parents need to pay attention and guide their children to use it properly.
How do GPS watches work?
   GPS Watch is an application that relies on a connection of satellite data sent to the GPS watch to compare and determine the exact location of the wearer. The error of positioning is only 10m difference, so the accuracy of the watch is very high.
   With the ability to both call and connect to the application installed on the parent's smartphone, the child locator watch helps parents always know where their child is.
Outstanding features of children's locator watch

Location tracking
   The watch is capable of tracking your child anywhere, but must ensure an Internet connection. No matter where your child is, school, supermarket, library or park, you know the specifics of that location.
Call, video call
   What gives parents the most peace of mind is always making sure their child can call them at any time, especially in case of an emergency. The watch will be connected to a parent's smartphone by Bluetooth, wifi, 2G or 3G and can also make video calls.
Send messages, voice messages
   If you are busy or have a meeting when you are not convenient to call, the smart watch also has a feature to support sending messages and voice messages. Or even when I am at the cinema, in the classroom, I can easily leave a message for my parents.
Alarm and display notifications on the phone
   Some smartwatches with GPS tracking can send you updates and notifications at preset times. You can set the GPS watch to send location update notifications every hour or five minutes.
Announce danger to loved ones thanks to Panic
   In case the child gets lost or feels scared, he or she can press the Panic button, and you will receive an immediate alert. Parents can preset an emergency contact number or hotline in advance and an alert along with the exact GPS location will be sent to this number for quick and timely resolution of the situation.
   The GPS location history of where your child has been will be saved for your reference if needed. This location will include specific dates and times so you can see exactly where your child has been.
Urgent information
   Like a medical bracelet, parents can record emergency information in their child's smartwatch. The child wearing the watch can be easily recognized in the event of an emergency. This is a lifesaver for children with strong allergies and serious health problems.