TikTok-terrible social network, boycotted by the whole world

   In a short period of time, TikTok has become "the most terrifying social network in the world." Why did China's apps face such fierce resistance?
   On July 7, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News that the administration of President Donald Trump is considering banning TikTok. Prior to this, the Indian government also shut down TikTok and dozens of other South Asian market applications with a population of 1.35 billion in China.
   For security reasons, Wells Fargo recently asked employees to remove TikTok from work calls. On July 10, Amazon also asked employees to remove TikTok from the mobile devices they used to access company email. But then Amazon announced that the guide was just a mistake.
   Unlike the Cambridge Analytica or Yahoo scandals, the United States has resisted TikTok for many reasons. The most recent scandal is that TikTok was discovered to secretly access the clipboard data on the user's mobile phone. However, more than 50 other applications, such as LinkedI or the New York Times applicaThere is only one way to cut ittion, are doing the same thing.
Chinese boss
   The only thing that makes TikTok unique is that it originated in China. TikTok operates in the United States and has an American CEO, but the owner is a ByteDance company headquartered in China. Most of the anxiety comes from the question of how much TikTok activity controlled by bytebeats.
   Like Huawei, the US government is very worried about TikTok serving China's espionage activities. These concerns mean that the United States will never accept China-supported applications on American phones.
   In terms of personal data collection, no one knows what TikTok is doing. Experts say that the application collects a lot of data, most of which have no clear purpose. However, a series of other mobile applications have similar behaviors.
For its part, TikTok emphasizes that the company's headquarters are located in the United States.

   However, even if TikTok did not do anything unusual, the application became even more dangerous for the United States and the West due to its political ties with the Chinese government.
   The problem explained by the experts is that with the help of TikTok's data collection behavior, Chinese intelligence can use this social network as a portal to monitor specific users and collect information. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has repeatedly warned Chinese spies of the risk of stealing US company trade secrets.
   Therefore, TikTok can become a big risk for American giants such as Amazon or Wells Fargo because they have technology that China may want to steal.
There is only one way to cut it
   And as long as the Beijing government exerts pressure on TikTok through its parent company in China, the country's intelligence will always have a way to quietly monitor users. So for the United States and the West, TikTok users are not safe.
   In April of this year, Zoom was discovered to redirect overseas calls to servers in China. This behavior is much more serious than the TikTok scandal. Equifax lost the data of more than 100 million people. They are definitely richer than the information collected by TikTok. However, these are still Western institutions.
   The US government suspects TikTok is cooperating with Chinese intelligence agencies. So this company is desperate for all guarantees and it will always cause anxiety. In the past, TikTok has always insisted that the company is completely independent of its Chinese boss.
   But one thing is undeniable. TikTok still belongs to the Chinese enterprise group Bytedance. TikTok's only way to dispel all doubts is to cut the connection between the Chinese company and its parent company, Bytedance. The U.S. government can do this through the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment.