Tips to fix stuttering, lag when watching livestream on Facebook

   If you use your phone to watch videos or watch livestream on Facebook but often get jerky, lag, freeze, etc., you can refer to the ways below to fix it.

Check WiFi router
   One of the common reasons for stuttering, lag, freezes, etc. when watching livestream on Facebook is because the Internet connection such as cable, WiFi, router, ... is not stable. Now what you need to do is:
   - Check if the cable, WiFi, router, ... are connected properly, or if the cable is loose or broken.
   - Restarting the router can also fix poor network problems. When the connection is unstable, try unplugging the router or modem then wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. On reboot, you may have a more stable Internet connection.
Using 4G
   If WiFi is not stable, try switching to 4G / 5G network. Of course, watching livestream with mobile data will definitely cost more, so you should choose the data plan that suits your needs to save as much as possible.
In case you are using a 4G network and still encounter lag errors, you should check the high-speed capacity of the package to see if it is still enough. If the space is running low, it is understandable that the video will fail.
Reboot the device
   Restarting the device is a simple tip to solve many problems that arise, including freeze errors, lag when watching videos or watching livestreams on Facebook.
Adjust video resolution
   Another way to help watch livestream less jerky, lag is to reduce the resolution of the video. This way also helps you save mobile space if you are using 4G / 5G network.
Clear Facebook app cache on Android
   For Android devices, clearing the Facebook app cache can help your phone speed up video loading. Since then, watching videos is also smoother, with less errors.
Turn off apps running in the background
   Sometimes turning on applications running in the background will consume the phone's RAM memory and cause jerky and lag errors. So if you often get interrupted while watching the livestream, try turning off some applications running in the background.
Free up device memory
   Full phone memory can affect the quality and speed of downloading videos on Facebook. Therefore, perform a memory release for the device to improve this problem.
   In addition, the interruption when watching videos may be due to Facebook errors and when you remove Facebook and then reinstall the application, this error will disappear.