Top 5 strangest Free Fire skill combos that come unexpectedly well

This is the weirdest as well as most unique skill combo in Free Fire that you’ve ever had and they actually work pretty well.

Free Fire highlights itself among other battle royale titles on mobile by systematic characters with more than 30 characters, each with their own unique skills and background story. In addition, players can even combine the skills of up to 4 characters together to create a skill combo that best suits their gameplay.

This feature makes Free Fire a lot more diverse than other games and allows players to experiment with different combinations to find the best combination.

Come here, you must have found the right skill combo for you. But today we’ll show you that the 5 weirdest skill combos you’ve never known are really great.

Flash combination
First, we’ll look at the Flash combo. I guess you would have known what this combo was just by its name. We combine Alok, Kelly, Joseph and Caroline skills together to maximize your character’s mobility. This combo has actually been used by a lot of players, including professional players.

This is actually one of the best combos to solo kill with a handgun. While the character’s speed doesn’t seem to change much from your perspective, I’m sure it’s a completely different story from the perspective of other players. Especially with Joseph’s skills, you will become a very difficult target to track and plunge because you can easily run into hiding quickly.

You can also change positions much faster to take down enemies, run into safe zones, … with this combo. Many players disregard the importance of mobility, but in professional matches it is really a very important factor.

Vampire combination
You know vampires, don’t you? Human bloodsucking creatures they kill. This is the content of this combo, keep your HP to the full level after each kill.

In this section we have, DJ skills Alok, Luqueta, Jota and Miguel. This combination will make it much easier to fight 1vs2, 1vs3 or even 1vs 4 because your HP will always be at full level as long as you destroy it. The amount of bloodshed you can get from this skill combo is just huge.

Of course, to make it work best, you need an SMG or a handgun to use Jota’s skills. Both weapons are really powerful in close-range combat. This is actually a pretty good combo for you to climb rank.

Combine this combo with Panda pet or Ottero pet for maximum effect.

Combining racer skills
Now, we’re reaching the funniest combination on this list, the Racer combo. We are combining the skills of Misha and Notora to make any vehicle you go to the moving bunker. With this build, of course, you’ll need a car to drive it around to annoy and kill other players. When you are in the car, you will take less damage and resuscitate so you can run all day.

Alok and Joseph are there so you can loot things and find the car quickly.

If you get bored playing the same way in all matches, this is a great way to let off steam and have some fun collisions with some people as well as practice your driving skills. But only do this in normal mode unless you want to reduce some rankings.

Fully armored combo
This combo focuses on the ability to reduce the damage received by using Shani, Andrew, and Wolfram. Shani will give you high-quality armor by upgrading it when you are killed while Andrew keeps your armor from being destroyed. Wolfram is to reduce head-to-head shots because your Helmet cannot be repaired or improved.

This combo is well suited for landing at crown positions where you want to reduce the damage as much as possible. In addition, you will have more viewers in these places for Wolfrahh’s skills.

‘Safe Zone for the Weak’
This must be one of the most unique combos you’ve ever had in Garena Free Fire. This combo will take you to the top without having to fight anyone. We have Alok, Luqueta, Ford, Maxim skills in this combo. Ford can reduce the damage received when outside the comfort zone by 24% while Maxim, Alok, and can hold your HP by consuming items fast and resuscitating with skill.

Of course, you’ll want to accumulate a lot of Med Kit to use while out of the comfort zone.

You can continue to hide, wait for the area to shrink and wait for people to kill each other. If you have Bonfire, it’s easier to stay out of the area, even within the clast.

Beginners may not know this, but actually, this combo is a very OP combo before Garena increases damage outside the comfort zone. But now it’s still a really great combo to climb the Solo Ratings. Sometimes, you’ll even get Booyah because other players can’t get to the safe zone in time.

Now that the character K has been released, he could also be part of this combo instead of Alok or Luqueta because of his incredible resilience.