“Twitter can make concessions and provide data to billionaire Elon Musk”

According to an unnamed source, Twitter’s board of directors decided to give billionaire Musk full access to the social network’s internal data related to hundreds of millions of daily posts.

On June 8, US media reported that Twitter would grant billionaire Elon Musk’s request related to providing internal data about fake accounts or posts with false information on the platform. East. East. this platform

The Washington Post, New York Times and Axios, citing unnamed sources, said Twitter’s board of directors decided to allow billionaire Musk full access to Twitter’s “internal data store.” This implies hundreds of millions of daily publications.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said the concession would help end a dispute between Musk and Twitter’s board over data access that has stymied Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. .

[Billionaire Elon Musk Warns He Can ‘Stay Away’ From Twitter]

In April, billionaire Musk announced a $44 billion “acquisition” of Twitter at $54.2 per share.

However, Musk later announced the suspension of the deal after receiving information that fake Twitter accounts represent less than 5% of the users of this social network.

This number is calculated by Twitter itself and announced in early May. Billionaire Musk has warned that he could back out of a deal to take over Twitter if the social network doesn’t provide data on fake accounts or fake automated posts on the platform.

According to the billionaire’s lawyer, Musk believes that Twitter seeks to obstruct his right to information. Meanwhile, a group of Twitter investors and small shareholders have filed a lawsuit against Musk for intentionally sabotaging Twitter’s stock price in an attempt to cancel a deal to buy the platform or negotiate a low purchase price. that. .

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