Unbox Galaxy Z Flip3 extremely rare Thom Browne version

   In addition to the standard Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 duo sold in Vietnam market with a starting price of only VND 24.9 million, Samsung also launched a special edition Galaxy Z Thom Browne Edition "citronella color" for discerning users need a device that is both stylish and technologically groundbreaking.
   Galaxy Z Thom Browne starts at VND 57 million, including a collection of Samsung products. However, at the present time, even if you have money, you can't buy it anymore because this collection has officially sold out with only 200 units sold in Vietnam market.
   In the framework of this article, we will send readers a close-up article of the expensive Galaxy Z Flip3 Thom Browne Edition collection to see what users will get at the price of 57 million dong?
   Here's everything you'll get with the Galaxy Z Flip3 Thom Browne Edition: Galaxy Z Flip3 body, Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Buds2, Wireless Charging Trio charging dock, protective case for Galaxy Z Flip3, case for Galaxy Buds2, and 3 straps different for the  Galaxy Watch4, all custom designed by American designer Thom Browne, with 3 stripes of blue, red and white.
   Just looking at the boxing quality of this version is enough to see the "lemonade" of the Thom Browne version, not only excellent in design but also in technology, this collection is also extremely attractive. User manual.
   Unlike previous versions, this year Samsung and Thom Browne chose white as the main color, adorned with Thom Browne's signature stripes. As we all know, white symbolizes minimalism, luxury and high-class, which is a color used by many fashion brands to make extremely "quality" products.
   With the Galaxy Z Flip3 Thom Browne version, this will be a technology fashion accessory for discerning users, especially female users' devices.
   With a compact design in the palm of your hand, focusing on fashion and compactness, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is a phone that is geared towards a minimalist experience rather than flaunting technology like the Fold3 series.
   The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has a clamshell folding hinge that closes the two halves of the screen together to make it extremely compact. However, Samsung said that it has used a new material for the folding screen inside its new generation flip smartphone, making its durability 80% better than the previous generation.
   Compared to the standard version, the appearance of the Thom Browne version is slightly different, especially in the frame when the standard version has a matte border, while the Thom Browne version has a glossy border.
   The notable upgrade of this year's Z Flip3 comes from the secondary rear screen. This screen has a size of 1.9 inches, uses a Super AMOLED panel, supports a resolution of 512 x 260 pixels and gives a pixel density of 303ppi, taking on tasks such as displaying battery percentage, time, notification. and help users take selfies with the rear camera.
   With other accessories included, Samsung is also meticulously designed and equally luxurious. All accessories from the charging case, charging cord to the charger are customized in the style of Thom Browne.
   A relatively attractive accessory is Samsung's Wireless Charging Trio charging dock. This charging dock can charge all 3 devices at the same time, Z Flip3, Watch4 and Buds2 with a capacity of 15W.
   Regarding the price, the special edition Galaxy Z Flip3 Thom Browne has a genuine selling price of 57 million VND in the Vietnamese market, while the Fold3 version will cost 84 million VND. Besides the same accessories, Z Fold3 Thom Browne also comes with an S Pen Pro.