Vaccine still provides good protection against abnormal BA.2

Two doses of the vaccine still protect against the risk of contracting a new variant of Covid-19 and help reduce the risk of severe disease progression, according to new research by Qatari scientists.
The study was conducted in a context where the subvariant BA.2 of Omicron is predominant in many countries. The team posted on the medRxiv website last week that a Covid-19 vaccine using mRNA technology was protective against two sub-variants of Omicron, although that protection waned over time. Depends on the type of Omicron. Depends on the individual. private.

The authors conducted a large study using vaccination records and SARS-CoV-2 test results from the Qatar healthcare system. The results showed that for those who received 2 doses of the mRNA vaccine, protection against BA.2 was unaffected compared to protection against BA.1. Booster doses of the vaccine can increase protection against symptomatic infections by 30-60%. Even in people who received only 2 doses of the vaccine, protection against severe disease progression remained at 68% or higher for at least 7 months. After a series of buffs, this attribute continued to increase to more than 80%.

Lead investigator Professor Abu al-Radad, from Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar), said the vaccine still provided a high level of protection against severe disease in the event of a secondary bacterial infection. .Add BA.2. leap. .

“70-80% of the cases in the study were infected with BA.2. According to Nature, the vaccine is indeed addressing the challenge of viral evolution.”

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