Valve is developing a new handheld game console

   As revealed by Technica, Valve is developing a new gaming device, described as a handheld PC.
   At the same time, if it receives cooperation from the semiconductor component supply chain, the device may be launched by the end of this year.

   Specifically, the report tells of a change to the code word of the Steam application, at the same time mentioning a new device called "SteamPal".
   SteamDB operator Pavel Djundiuk first spotted the change, noting that it was tied to a prototype controller called “Neptune.”According to some sources, "SteamPal" still has no official name, will be a device running Linux operating system, with a touch screen and control buttons, similar to Nintendo Switch Lite.
   Moreover, this device is capable of connecting to large screens via the USB Type-C connection, but whether it will come with a dedicated socket like the Switch is yet to be confirmed.
   Earlier, Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve, responded to the question of whether Steam will "port any game to consoles or just PC".
   "You'll have a better understanding of that by the end of the year… and that's not going to be the answer you expect," he said.
The latest device Valve developed is the Valve Index virtual reality device, which has been out since the summer of 2019.