Vietnam's desire to master military equipment technology

   Recently, the report of Military Force Overview 2020 (Military Balance 2020) of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, UK) mentioned Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (VHT) as one of the typical new defense equipment enterprises in Asia. This is an achievement, a clear demonstration of Vietnam's desire to master technology and bravery.

From the experience of the world
   In fact, the direction of developing the defense industry in the direction of dual-use is not new, has been implemented by industrialized countries such as the US, Germany, UK or recently Russia and India. A country, no matter how strong its economy, cannot "pour money" into developing a "single-use" defense industry just to develop "toys".
   But anyway, it is easier to develop the defense industry in big countries because they have very strong aggregate resources, helping governments to "spend". For small countries, especially when the economy is still difficult, efforts to master technology, reach out to the world, while ensuring the task of maintaining national sovereignty and developing the country, always meaningful survival. And the story of Israel is a prime example.

"Magic eye" - make in Vietnam is patented by the US
   The story began 11 years ago, when Viettel received the task of researching and producing radar and creating a complete product to save expensive costs when buying foreign products, not to mention the difficulties in operation process such as maintenance, maintenance. And engineers of Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (VHT) are the ones who carry out this task.
The first radar construction project had only five people, each person was in charge of a department and knowledge of radar at that time was zero. In the period 2010-2014, to start manufacturing radar, engineers of Viettel High Technology Corporation (VHT) coordinated with another unit to perfect the product, but this is just a modernized product from old radar station. At the same time, in parallel with the production of the above product, based on research and design as well as practical experience, an air defense radar product was born by Viettel people, that is Radar. low-range decimeter wave range. In January 2015, this product was successfully accepted at the level of the Ministry of Defense and this is the first product in the field of radar that is completely owned by "Viettel people" from design to outsourcing.
   Recently, the report of the Military Force Overview 2020 (Military Balance 2020) of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, UK) also mentioned Viettel and VHT as one of the equipment enterprises. typical new defense of the Asian region, applying advanced technology in the development of communication products, electronic warfare, radar and command and control systems. This confirms that Vietnam's desire to master military technology has achieved initial results, which are recognized internationally.