Vietnamese gamers are about to experience "a vast, authentic and free Gypsy"

   That's what the "father" of NetEase and publisher VNG describe about the game Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG.
   Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG (original name: A dream of Jianghu) is a swordplay-themed MMORPG built from the unique martial arts world of Co Long. This is NetEase's strategic product in the open world swordplay role-playing genre, which has been released in many countries under the name So Luu Huong Mobile. This game is considered by the international gaming community as "a large, authentic and extremely free Gypsy".
   Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG offers a large space - a true open world with a total area of ​​more than 20 million square meters. The maps are closely linked with each other, there are no barriers, no movement limits. Players can ride a horse to travel or perform a dandy to go around the mountains, unleashing the wanderlust.
   According to the "father" of NetEase, Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG is the breakthrough and innovation of this developer in the swordplay RPG segment. Therefore, this game is the development team devoted a lot of effort and effort to recreate a true Gypsy to every detail. From the meticulousness in design to advanced graphics technology, Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG will bring players into a vast world with ancient colors, authentic specifications of Co Long martial arts style.
   Most especially, what makes Nhat Mong Giang Ho's success in the international market is the different gameplay compared to similar products. Also according to the development team's share, this game pursues "a higher level of freedom experience" for the traditional martial arts MMORPG series: Freedom to grow, freedom to interact, freedom to choose direction mine.
   With Nhat Mong Giang Ho, VNG wishes to bring a different perspective to the open-world swordplay RPG series, bringing players to more interesting and unique experiences in today's saturated MMORPG game market. .
   Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG creates maximum conditions for players when they can experience the game on all platforms from mobile to PC. The game will be tested 3 times according to international standards before officially launching in Vietnam in the near future.