Virtual currency of Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang sold off

   After peaking on September 29, the virtual currency of Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang had many sell-off sessions, pulling the value down by 58%.
   From the end of September, famous travel YouTuber Khoa Pug (3.77 million subscribers) started posting a series of videos visiting the US with "diamond king" Johnny Dang. In his million-view videos, Khoa Pug combined with a Vietnamese-born millionaire who often hinted at the huge million-dollar fortune gained by playing a virtual currency called DBZ.
   Very quickly, Khoa Pug's fans created a fever of searching and hunting for DBZ. As it turns out, DBZ stands for Diamond Boyz Coin, a new virtual currency created by Johnny Dang to serve the future projects of this Vietnamese-born jeweler.
   On September 29, the DBZ coin quickly peaked at $0.14 from a starting price of $0.04. However, this virtual currency then had many ups and downs and continuously went down with a value of only 0.06 USD.
   By this morning (October 6), the DBZ was suddenly pumped strongly to pull the value to nearly 0.1 USD before continuing to be released. The reason is that DBZ is still a small token with a large trading volume on a decentralized exchange (DeFi), which can be easily manipulated by any investor.
   On the project's homepage, DBZ coin also claims to be a risky project and users are solely responsible for their own financial investment decisions.
   The virtual currency of Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang is being pumped back, although still at a lower value than the peak on September 29.

   At the same time, Bitcoin is having strong rally sessions when it hits the $51,000 mark after the China shock. The Bitcoin rally is pulling the green back into the crypto market with a total market cap of $2.218 billion.
   Johnny Dang (real name: Dang Anh Tuan) is a Vietnamese-born jeweler living in Houston, Texas (USA). He is famous for making diamond teeth (Grillz) for the hip hop world and often appears in MVs of these world-famous artists.
   Johnny Dang's Cryptocurrency Hits New PeakAfter many promotional videos, the Diamond Boyz Coin digital currency of "diamond king" Johnny Dang has increased sharply and set a new peak.
   According to data from CoinMarketCap, on the evening of September 28, the price of the Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ) cryptocurrency rose from $0.07 and reached a new peak of $0.142, equivalent to an increase of more than 2 times. .
According to Johnny Dang's share, customers can use DBZ coin to buy jewelry from his store. Johnny Dang said he will release NFT (non-replaceable) works in the future.
   In addition, he also said that the Diamond Boyz Coin project will cooperate with famous rappers in the US to issue digital music tickets, participants can use DBZ digital currency to buy tickets.
   Diamond Boyz Coin is developed based on Binance Smart Chain platform and can be traded similar to Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Users can only exchange through exchanges like PancakeSwap, Bibox...
   According to information from the homepage of Diamond Boyz Coin, holding cryptocurrency is completely at risk, Johnny Dang & Co company will not be responsible for any loss or gain.

However, buying and selling this coin is quite complicated.

   After a strong rally, the DBZ coin is trading at $0.12 on the evening of September 28.
   Johnny Dang is a Vietnamese-born jeweler living in Houston, Texas. In the American hip hop world, Johnny Dang is also a  famous name when he regularly produces jewelry, diamond teeth (Grillz) for famous American rappers such as Travis Scott, DaBaby, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West ... NBC News called Johnny Dang an icon, an A-list star because he has a huge influence in the American hip hop world.
   Johnny Dang cryptocurrency increased 12 times in price Many Vietnamese people rushed to buy Diamond Boyz Coin of "diamond king" Johnny Dang, causing the price of this cryptocurrency to increase rapidly. In mid-August, many cryptocurrency investors in Vietnam participated in the purchase of Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ), a token issued...