What are the new changes in iOS 15.2?

Starting from beta 3, iOS 15.2 will have updates related to macro photography mode, Apple Arcade game service or reminder apps.

iOS 15.2?

iOS 15.2 is expected to enter the public beta in November. Currently, the first Beta version of iOS 15.2 has successively announced new features. Recently, iOS 15.2 beta 3 was released.

What are the new changes in iOS 15.2 beta 3?
According to Apple’s introduction to iOS 15.2 beta 3, users can batch rename or delete tags in the reminder app.

Also on iOS 15.2 beta 3, Apple hopes to highlight the Apple Arcade game service. When searching for a game (such as “Cut the Cord”) in Spotlight, if the game is available on that platform, the Apple Arcade icon will appear in the results.

In order to automatically adjust the camera for macro shooting, iOS 15.2 beta 3 adds a macro control switch in the settings. If this switch is turned on, the camera application will add a macro mode icon. Previously, this icon was added by default on iOS 15.2 beta 2.

There are other updates in iOS 15.2 beta 2, because iCloud+ subscribers can now use the Hide My Email Privacy feature directly in the Mail app…

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