What criteria does a laptop for video editing need?

   This is probably a common question among editors, but there is no satisfactory answer yet. Because each person will have a different perspective and experience, depending on the conditions and needs of each person. However, there are still minimum criteria that you can refer to when choosing to buy a machine. Let's take a look at some of the most important criteria with HNC!

Basic criteria when choosing the best laptop for video editingGreat configuration
   When buying any laptop, no matter what the needs, the configuration is also the most important factor. The configuration of a laptop will revolve around details such as chip, graphics card, RAM, hard drive.
   Acer will briefly list the requirements for the best laptop configuration for video editing for your reference, then we will analyze each item.
    Chip: Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 HQ series latest generation 6 or 7" RAM: Ideal capacity from 8GB or more Hard Drive: at least 500GB HDD or 128GB SSD (preferably SSD) Graphics card: should choose discrete graphics card like the latest Nvidia, AMD and IntelChip (Processor): With the need to use a laptop for video editing or graphic design, you can choose machines with a 2-core 4-thread i5 chip or a more advanced 4-core 8-thread to bring more power. . . Add more power to your laptop. If there are better conditions, you can choose the i7 chip for a smoother experience when working. Many of you will wonder that the i3 chip can edit video or design graphics. Basically you can still do it through the application on the device, but to bring work efficiency, the i3 chip is more difficult to satisfy. So, if you want to use a laptop for professional work, investing in the configuration, especially the chip is a good thing to do.
   VGA (Graphic Card): Along with the chip, the graphics card is also "an indispensable part of the editor's life". Great chip must go hand in hand with a terrible graphics card. And of course, the discrete graphics card can help you fight professional, advanced operations. Currently on the market there are 3 big brands specializing in graphics cards that you can choose from: AMD, NVIDIA and most recently Intel has also launched an extremely powerful discrete graphics card product called Iris Xe Max.
These are all long-standing names in the field of technology, so the quality is not much to say. However, the usage and cost of each type will be different, and depending on the laptop you choose is equipped with VGA, we will have its own analysis and evaluation.
   RAM (Cache): Large cache helps to operate on the machine faster in the condition that you have to open many tabs or many applications at the same time. Should choose RAM with a capacity of 8GB or more and have the ability to upgrade to reserve when needed. Some current laptop models will be equipped with limited RAM for each version and cannot be upgraded, so users should also pay attention to choose a large RAM capacity from the beginning, preferably 8GB or 16GB.
   Hard drive: HDD will be cheaper than SSD, but power is also a concern. In the past, SSD hard drives had the disadvantage of being expensive and not having high capacity, but later there are more versions for users to choose from such as 128GB, 250GB and more. If you have better payment conditions, boldly choose a machine equipped with an SSD to experience the quality!
Color standard displayWhy we have to talk about the screen separately, surely you in the profession will understand. For creatives, especially editors or designers, the demands on screens are very high. The color standard screen is an important factor to determine the success of a created product. Because just one image or color error will make the finished product worthless to the customer.

   Light-weightCreative people always have flashy ideas so they often work from anywhere. To meet this need, you need to choose a machine with a light weight and a slimmer design for easy carrying.
   Currently on the market there are many models with thin and light designs in the range of 1kg - 1.5kg, which are very suitable for you to choose from.
   Quality keyboardSometimes you also need a quality keyboard to write scripts or use keystrokes to do editing and design work. Should choose keyboards with long key travel and good bounce but make sure not to emit a lot of noise.
   Good priceThe best laptop for video editing or design certainly doesn't come cheap. However, you should also choose products that are more competitively priced and suitable for your payment conditions.