What Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3’s Official Title Could Be

With Part 2 of the Final Fantasy Remake project officially titled Rebirth, fans have begun to speculate what Part 3’s title could be.

During a Final Fantasy 7-themed broadcast, developer Square Enix officially revealed that the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be titled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. In addition, the event, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy 7’s release, also confirmed that prequel game Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core will be receiving a remake for modern consoles. This remake, too, will feature a unique title; it will officially be called Reunion. This has led fans to speculate that the upcoming third part of the remake will also feature a title beginning with the letters “RE.”

What Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3's Official Title Could Be
What Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3’s Official Title Could Be

This would not be the first time that Square Enix has utilized themed names in relation to Final Fantasy 7. The previous collection of spinoff titles, generally referred to as Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, include the film Advent Children, the prequels Before Crisis and Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus, a shooter spinoff starring Vincent Valentine, an optional party member from the original game. These titles can be shortened to AC, BC, CC, and DC, revealing an alphabetical theming. The upcoming Ever Crisis, which is set to retell the events of several previous Compilation titles, continues this theme by shortening to EC. With themed subtitles likely persisting into the third Remake installment, speculation about what that title could potentially be has already begun.


A fairly straightforward title, “Resolution” could refer to the final confrontation between protagonist Cloud and antagonist Sephiroth. Cloud and Sephiroth have an extremely personal connection, as both are connected to the Shinra corporation and its SOLDIER program. Driven mad by the discovery of the terrible experiments Shinra has carried out on himself and the other SOLDIERs, Sephiroth has become a terribly vindictive figure that openly torments Cloud with painful memories of the latter’s past failures. A subtitle like “Resolution” could indicate that the third part of the remake would be heavily focused on the relationship between these two and their epic final battle.


There are a number of Final Fantasy 7 characters who could possibly undergo some sort of “resurrection” in the final part of the Remake trilogy. The first is the aforementioned Sephiroth, who suffered severe damage to his physical body prior to the events of the game and for most of it is forced to appear to Cloud as a hallucination or copy powered by the alien Jenova. The second is Aerith Gainsborough, a party member who infamously dies permanently in the original Final Fantasy 7. While many fans suspect that the remake is going to prevent her death entirely, another possibility is that she will die and come back to life, possibly using special materia or the Lifestream that powers the world.


Another major theme of Final Fantasy 7 is the environmental destruction caused by Shinra and the poor condition of the world as a result. The city of Midgar, where the first part of the Remake trilogy takes place, is overcrowded and heavily polluted, with the poor forced to live in the eternal shadow of the upper city’s plates. The Lifestream is weakened, and many species – such as the one canine party member Red XIII belongs to – have been hunted, captured, experimented on, and driven to near-extinction. A subtitle such as Renewal could refer to the environment healing and the world gradually recovering from its current dire state. Renewal could even feature an epilogue focused on Red XIII’s species returning, much as Advent Children does.


Traditionally, a requiem is a song or other musical piece performed to honor and remember someone who has died. Requiem as a subtitle for the third installment in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could potentially indicate a more tragic ending, one in which Aerith or Zack do die as they did in canon or other members of the party – perhaps even including Cloud himself – sacrifice themselves instead. This subtitle is more likely if Parts 2 and 3 of the remake choose to hew more closely to the events of the original game, which currently seems unlikely based on how dramatically the first part has already diverged.


This is a thematically appropriate subtitle that works on a number of different levels. On the surface, it seems simple: the remake is a “return” to the story of Final Fantasy 7, starring the same familiar characters and – despite significant changes – featuring many returning settings, weapons, powers, and more. It also works on a more symbolic level; the inclusion of “turn” implies turning back time, resetting the events of the previous timeline and replacing them with something newer or better. The idea of a different timeline was already touched upon in Part 1 of the Remake, which showed a version of Zack Fair surviving his canon death and potentially leaving his previous world to enter the rewritten timeline of the Remake trilogy.


Possibly the most straightforward of the theorized subtitles, Rewrite refers to something that has already been confirmed by the first part of the Remake: that things are going to happen very differently this time around. Already, the story of Final Fantasy 7 has been “rewritten” in several key ways. Cloud’s initial allies Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie stayed alive long beyond the point where they died in canon. As mentioned, at least one version of Zack was able to survive his preordained death and potentially move between timelines. Sephiroth, too, has become a much more active force far earlier in the game, with a version of him challenging Cloud at the end of Part 1 of the Remake. In so many ways, both big and small, the story of Final Fantasy 7 has been “Rewritten,” making this a very apt subtitle indeed.

Unfortunately, it will likely be several years until Square Enix officially reveals the full title of what is currently simply referred to as Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3. There was a long gap between the release of Remake and the official reveal of Rebirth, and the latter is currently not planned to release until “next winter,” which likely means late 2023. It would not be surprising if Square Enix waited another two or three years to even announce Part 3, and continued to focus on spinoffs such as Crisis Core Reunion and Ever Crisis in the meantime.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will release in Winter 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

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