What if the phone does not support fast charging with a fast charging accessory?

   Currently, fast charging has become a very popular tool, because of its convenience and timeliness. However, there are still questions that arise such as: Can phones that do not support fast charging use fast charging? This article will be an exact answer for you on this matter!
Can a phone that does not support fast charging use fast charging?

   The answer is yes. Because in principle, all phone devices when plugged into the charger receive a maximum current of 5V - 2A or 5V - 2.1A unless your phone requires the charger to provide fast charging power. New charger increases charging capacity. Otherwise, the charger will keep the standard level of 10 - 12W.
   Besides, today's phone devices or chargers are much smarter than before. Therefore, the charger or phone does not accidentally increase the charging capacity causing overload and you can safely use fast charging.
Using fast charger to charge the phone, will the battery bottle?

   The battery will be damaged when you charge it in a very hot environment, wear a case, or charge it while using it. So do not worry when using fast charging will not affect your phone at all!In addition, you should limit using the phone while charging or leave the phone in a hot place and avoid direct impact on the battery to protect the battery in the best way!