What major should students study in the 4.0 technology era?

   Technology is becoming more and more dominant and there are changes that we cannot expect. The development of technology will improve people's lives. People's life has become more modern than ever, everything just needs a few buttons on the machine to be completed. That is what we are calling the 4.0 technology age. That's what young people are wondering because they don't know which industry to choose to be able to apply for a job easily in this 4.0 technology era.
   In this 4.0 technology era, to be able to have a stable job in the field of study is not easy at all. Especially for fresh graduates, it is even more difficult. According to statistics, up to 80-90% of unemployed students work in the opposite profession. In fact, it's not important what you study, but what matters is that when you sit on the chair in the lecture hall, what you learn is what matters. To help you find a suitable industry for the 4.0 technology era, you can find a suitable job after graduating in accordance with your wishes. You can refer to the professions below.
1. E-commerce industry.

   According to billionaire Bill Gates, you have two choices: One is to do business with the Internet and the other is that you shouldn't do business anymore!" . Did this quote by Bill Gates make you awake because now we live in the age of technology it is a hot industry that is welcomed with great enthusiasm. E-commerce is currently being compared to a lion that is very focused to develop, it is an industry that attracts a large number of businesses and customers to each other. It makes the exchange process much more convenient, helping businesses and individual consumers to save costs and use many services.
   So those who graduated from e-commerce major will not have to worry about leaving school without finding a job. What matters is that you can do it. If you study e-commerce is a very smart choice there.
2. Software engineer.

   Software engineering is also one of the fastest growing professions in Vietnam today. The attractiveness of the information technology industry for programmers is considered to be one of the hottest professions today.
   Easy work, however, requires your creative focus to change new technology configurations. If you are a talented software engineer, you will be hunted by big companies with a desirable salary of many people, then you are a person who chooses a company to work, not looking for a job. again.
3. Biotechnology industry.

   The biotechnology industry is identified as an industry of the future. Nowadays, river life is developing more and more, sane agricultural production is an increase in acute problems of environment, food, agriculture. Being interested in society. Facing that situation, the biotechnology industry is becoming a spearhead industry of the 4.0 technology era. Therefore, job opportunities are always open to graduates in biotechnology.
   In the top of the most stable industries in 2018, there was the electrical and mechanical industry. And you have the opportunity to work abroad, especially in countries like Korea, Japan... These are two countries with a developed biotechnology industry, you will be paid with a pretty high salary.
   Job opportunities are always open to bachelors in Biotechnology, what are you waiting for without learning about this industry.     It will bring you a good future.
4. Online marketing industry.

   Along with the explosion of the information technology industry, the growing demand for marketing communications online marketing is one of the top professions to study today. To be able to compete with the competitors of other companies you need a good marketing team. The trend of global integration further promotes the development of the marketing industry. At the same time, it is also the easiest industry to apply for today. As long as you have a good level of English and basic skills in online marketing, you can completely find yourself a job as you want.
   These are the industries you should learn in the 4.0 technology era, choose for yourself a suitable industry so that it can follow you on the path to success. Hope this article will provide you with useful information and wish you success and happiness in life.