What's outstanding in Bluestacks 5 version?

   What new features does Bluestacks 5 have? How to download and install Bluestacks 5? This must be the question of many people who have used or known Bluestacks 4 version. Based on the reviews from players' experience, Bluestacks has updated to the latest version, Bluestacks 5 with changes. . significantly. to fix things that are not ok in the old version.
   So what specifically this application has and how to download and install Bluestacks. In this article, Ben Computer will help you answer these questions.
What's outstanding in Bluestacks 5 version?
Limit lag when playing games

   If you have ever encountered jerky, laggy, game jerks when using previous versions, in Bluestacks 5, it will be minimized even on computers with the same configuration. good. Bluestacks 5 is considered the fastest and most powerful Android emulator to date. You can completely experience the game on mobile smoothly.
   However, not all devices can run completely smoothly Bluestacks 5. For those with weak configuration, not meeting the minimum requirements of the application will still have problems. However, when surveying users of this new version, the results show that many people with machine configurations that do not meet Bluestacks 4 can still run Bluestacks 5. This proves that the new version has been upgraded but lighter. a lot, suitable for most computers people use. .
Bluestacks 5 uses less RAM

   According to the test results announced by the company, Bluestacks only consumes 50% of RAM compared to the previous version. Even if your computer uses an older processor, it can still run this version. Because Bluestacks 5 consumes less RAM, you can run multiple tabs at the same time without worrying about lag.
Improved installation and boot time

   Even though you have Bluestacks 4 version on your machine, the company does not allow direct update from version 4 to version 5. So if you want to use Bluestacks 5, you will have to reinstall from scratch. But don't worry too much about application download and installation time. Because both download and installation time only takes about 3-5 minutes. After that, you can completely open the application and use it quickly.
All features upgraded

   If you've ever used Bluestacks 4, you're probably familiar with the app's toolkit. It's eco mode, keyboard customizer and session management tool, and more. In Bluestacks 5, all these features have been upgraded, making it easier for you to use even with great frequency. No problems with errors or lags.
   A special feature to mention in this version is that it allows users to play a lot of games with support for up to 2 million games. And of course, the number of players cannot be low, Bluestacks 5 has a gaming community of up to 500 million people. Thus, you only need to download the application, and the game to play and you play is taken care of by Bluestacks.