What to pay attention to when using air conditioners during the epidemic season?

   We are entering the extremely uncomfortable hot days of summer, with the epidemic situation continuing to be complicated. In such hot weather, what should users pay attention to when using the air conditioner all day? Do not miss the article below.
   Clean the air conditioner filter regularlyIf you have ever read or heard of information about the Sars-cov 2 virus that can spread in the air conditioning pipes of buildings, then it would be very worrying to use the air conditioner, right? However, this information has not been verified and in fact, offices and families still use air conditioning in a very common way without increasing the risk of Covid. As long as you pay attention to the 5K rule: Mask - Disinfection - Distance - Not Focusing - Medical declaration, you can still use the air conditioner normally.
   We just need to pay attention to periodically cleaning the air conditioner filter. Early summer is also a very good time to clean the filter of the air conditioner.
Consider setting temperature

Because the summer is hot, the air humidity is low, we like to turn on the air conditioner very low. This inadvertently affects your health. Even if the epidemic situation is under control, make sure the air conditioner temperature fluctuates at 26-28 degrees Celsius. Turning on the air conditioner at 24 degrees gives you a feeling of cooling faster, deeper cold, but affects your health. health and also waste electricity.
Always keep the air in the room clean

   In a closed room where air pollution exists, when the air conditioner is turned on, these polluted air flows continue to circulate in the room. To use the air conditioner to minimize bacteria and dust in the air, you should take measures to keep the air in the room clean. For example: vacuuming carpets and curtains regularly, planting potted plants to filter carbon dioxide in the living room, using an air purifier, etc. The air in a closed air-conditioned room will significantly reduce the dryness of the nose, stuffy nose. noses of your family members too.