What would happen if Russia disconnected from the internet?

When this country is disconnected from the global internet, not only the Russian people, but the whole world will suffer many consequences.

Special military operations in Ukraine had a huge impact on the Russian technical sector. Several global tech giants have announced that they will stop providing services in Russia.

Not only does it affect the overall Russian economy, sanctions from other countries also threaten the freedom of the Russian people to surf the Internet.

For years, Russia has been preparing an intranet to avoid dependence. According to an internal document from Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, the Russian government wants to ensure that public websites are accessible even if internet providers are quarantined. As such, they will gradually switch to domestic servers and remove foreign companies’ Javascript code starting March 11.

However, separating yourself from the internet is not easy and can have a lot of impact on people’s lives.

The Russian government has long controlled state agencies’ media, but has loosened public access to internet content and services.

However, this freedom is now limited. The Russian government will control all Internet services and increase censorship of local media. The measure was introduced to filter news and strengthen Kremlin propaganda.

Multiple disconnect test

Under the pressure of Western countries, Russia made preparations for the internal Internet in advance.

Under the plan, the Russian government requires businesses to transfer all servers and domain names to the Russian region. At present, many large domestic institutions use foreign server services, use high technology to easily solve problems and reduce Internet access costs.

Therefore, using domestic servers at the same time is not a small challenge for Russia. Next Web said the question is whether the country has the resources and capacity to do so.

In 2019, Russia attempted to disconnect from the global network. It’s unclear how long the test lasted, but according to the Russian Ministry of Transport’s announcement at the time, the test was successful and users didn’t notice a difference. Since this statement, there has been no further news about the Russian domestic internet.

“Basically, they’re asking telecommunications and internet service providers to only allow larger-scale connections within Russia, such as corporate intranets,” Prof Allen said. . He said Woodward of Surrey Research University.

At present, the Russian government has only proposed measures to ensure that Internet resources serve the people, while transferring websites and services to domestic domain names. However, this is not easy.

Ensuring speed and content on the Internet is not easy. An example is a content delivery network (CDN). If the Internet infrastructure is localized, the advantages of technology disappear.

Russia, on the other hand, must remain connected to the world Internet in order to cooperate with other countries outside its borders, despite the use of internal Internet infrastructure.

As Russia becomes increasingly isolated in cyberspace, with just a few small changes to its computer network, the country’s government has the potential to control the internet connections of its entire population.

However, the localization of the Internet has also affected the development of the Russian technology industry. Russia is facing a shortage of chips and lack of access to modern telecom equipment and services from companies such as Nokia and Ericsson.

Even though the government has proposed the intranet, the Russian people are still struggling to accept it. In the past, they were always connected to the world through the internet, so it was difficult for the Russian government to control society’s response to a global shutdown.

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