Why young children shouldn’t steam their noses and throats to prevent Covid-19 disease

The use of herbal decoction nasopharyngeal inhalation in young children has not been shown to be effective against Covid-19. At the same time, the steam can scald the child.

According to the Department of Orthopaedic Burns of Hanoi National Children’s Hospital, a 6-month-old boy living in Hanoi was recently hospitalized with a fever and the doctor has just received treatment. . . high, infection. Postburn sepsis. Accident in which baby was burned when family member used nebulizer to protect baby from Covid-19.

According to the patient’s family, the family bought a nebulizer to inhale every day because they were worried about their children and the whole family being infected with Covid-19. When the family stood holding the baby’s nose and throat, the baby’s foot unfortunately stepped on the nebulizer, causing boiling water from the nebulizer to overflow onto the baby’s feet.

After the accident, the baby cried so much that the entire instep of his left foot was burned. The family poured cold water on the baby’s feet for first aid. During the drainage process, the family took off the socks because the baby’s feet were wearing socks, causing the entire left instep area to peel off.

The baby was taken to a local hospital for treatment and continued to be transferred to the National Children’s Hospital. Here, the burn doctor examines and determines that the child has third-degree burns, infection, and sepsis on the back of the child’s left foot.

Children are at higher risk of developing burn site infections than adults
Dr. Feng Kangsheng, deputy director of the Burn Department of the National Children’s Hospital, said that burns are one of the common accidents in daily life. There are many causes of burns, and boiling water is one of the most common causes of burns. This is a common accident among children, especially those between the ages of 1 and 6.

According to Dr. Sang, burns in children are small, but if not handled properly, the burn site can become completely infected, potentially leading to sepsis.

Because children’s skin has different characteristics than adults, such as being thinner and less heat-resistant, when scalded, the degree of burns can be more severe and deeper than adults, and even damage to muscles, bones and blood vessels. , nerves, etc. The risk of burn site infection is also higher than in adults.

Do not abuse the sauna
Dr Nguyen Hong Minh, head of the traditional medicine department at the National Children’s Hospital, said: Sauna is one of the traditional medical treatments used to limit infection and prevent disease. State of health. In the Interim Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Outbreaks Using Traditional Medicines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Ming also added that during the epidemic, in addition to Vietnam, many countries around the world have also applied wet and dry saunas to living and working spaces to purify the air and antibacterial. … avoid the spread of viruses, thereby reducing and preventing the spread of viruses in the air. Common ingredients are a combination of traditional medicines with antibacterial and antiviral properties that have been scientifically proven essential oils and basil. It is important to note that the recommendations for using sauna methods to limit infection and prevent disease are saunas in living rooms and workplaces; nebulizers can be used for inhaling essential oils or inhaling traditional medicines.

Associate Professor. Associate Professor. Associate Professor. Professor Nguyen Tien Dung, former head of pediatrics at Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi), shared that nebulizers are ineffective and unsafe for children. This method can burn your baby’s mucous membranes because parents cannot control the temperature during steaming. Also, if vaporizer products contain toxic chemicals, they can cause inflammation and respiratory infections. “The leaves and tablets should not be used in children,” Dr. Dung noted.

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