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Will Apple make sports smartwatches a thing of the past?

The latest watchOS update is a threat that Apple sends to sports smartwatch brands such as Garmin, Coros, Suunto…

Those who love running, swimming or a certain sport must have a sports watch that is not from big names. In the world of sports, Garmin, Coros or Suunto are all more famous and loved than Apple or Samsung. They don’t have flashy screens or flashy features, but they are packed with features to survive in extreme conditions, powerful batteries, and provide useful training data.

The Apple Watch was the most popular smartwatch in the world, present on the wrists of millions, but not a perfect sports watch, until watchOS 9 arrived. The watchOS 9 operating system was introduced at the WWDC 2022 conference and updated many new features and attractive. In particular, it provides training data that even high-end sports watches can’t. Following Apple tradition, watchOS 9 will also support older devices. So the 2018 Apple Watch Series 4 can also become a powerful sports watch.

Lots of new sports stats

If you’re a “runner,” there are three metrics in watchOS 9 to pay attention to: stride length (step length), landing time (time in contact with the ground), and vertical oscillation (knife). vertical or oscillating). bounce at each step). Apple used algorithms that measure wrist movement to calculate these metrics.

However, the most impressive is Running Power. It is especially useful for runners as it shows your effort in real time and helps with speed adjustments. It is measured in watts, the higher the running power when the heart rate is low, the higher the efficiency. Calculating running power is quite complicated as it combines tempo, body bounce and weather conditions. Some sports watches do not even have this feature or require a separate accessory to provide detailed information.

For their part, the “fishermen” also have an important SWOLF stat, a combination of the number of passes per stroke and the duration of the swim direction.

Does WatchOS 9 mark the end of sports smartwatches?

While it’s a welcome update, watchOS 9 is no match for Garmin or others. Sports watches still have the big advantage of longer battery life and plenty of convenient buttons to get around.

However, Apple is constantly improving and making leaps and bounds, while Garmin has yet to catch up with Cupertino in terms of smartwatch features and software. This race will drive sports watch manufacturers to change, produce better products in the future, and ultimately benefit the wearer.

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