Xiaomi introduces Dayoo dishwasher with convenient wall-mounted design, priced at only VND 2.8 million

   Usually today in households, it is not difficult for us to come across images of built-in dishwashers and built-in kitchen cabinets. However, an extremely unique product that Xiaomi is about to introduce below has a quite outstanding design, with a convenient wall-mounted structure, which is the Dayoo dishwasher.
   Wall-mounted dishwashers are considered an indispensable household appliance in professional kitchens at restaurants and large eateries. This device will help you clean dishes, pots and pans, ... quickly and effectively in a split second.
   The Dayoo dishwasher was launched with a minimalist design, combined with elegant white tones as the main theme. Physical control knob with flexible rotating structure, which simplifies all user operations. Besides, the product also comes with a steam nozzle, making it easier for you to clean all stains on dishes.
   In addition, inside the dishwasher, there is a 1.2L water tank, enough for about 15 minutes of steam washing. According to the manufacturer's calculations, it only takes about 10 seconds for users to wash a dish. Moreover, besides washing dishes, you can completely use the machine to clean and clean household appliances as well as the kitchen area thanks to the steam nozzle.
   Because it is a wall-mounted design, the manufacturer also equips additional accessories to help users install the device more easily. In addition, many safety features are also integrated to ensure safe use, avoiding injury to young children.
   Control knob design, support users to choose 1 of 4 different use modes. In addition, the attached spray nozzle is also capable of generating steam with a total temperature of up to 105°C. As a result, the product will ensure more effective disinfection and sterilization of dishes. Besides, you can also monitor the current temperature on the 3-color screen with the ability to display modes: blue, green and red.
   Regarding the price, the Dayoo dishwasher product is currently being offered for sale in the domestic market with a crowdfunding price on Youpin of only 799 yuan.