Your phone won’t charge forever, and here are 5 reasons

Your smartphone doesn’t charge as fast as it did when you first bought it, and you don’t know why. The article below will help you answer all your questions.

After a period of use, your phone may take more time to fully charge the battery. Even your new phone is slow to charge. There are two common ways to charge smartphones: wired and wireless. Either way, here are 5 reasons why your phone will take longer to fully charge.

1, The accessories are not good

Probably the easiest reason why your phone is charging slower than before has nothing to do with the phone, but with the charging cable. This could be due to a damaged power cable or adapter on the phone or a weak power supply.

USB cables are used a lot, especially by users who use a lot of electronic devices. These cables are often dropped, bent or fixed in places where the temperature can change suddenly or even be stepped on. So before trying to modify anything else, replace the cable and check if that fixes the slow charging of your phone.

In addition to the cable, you should also consider replacing the charger with another one and check if there is a difference. Are you still using your old charger after buying a new phone? Ideally, you should use a newer charger.

Another very important thing, use a charger from a well-known brand. It’s best to use the charger that came with your phone. If you have purchased a charger from an unknown brand, you may find that it does not charge as fast as the original charger.

Many people like to use the ports on their computers to charge their mobile devices. This is not always an ideal solution, depending on the age of your computer and whether other ports on your machine are in use at the same time. Ideally, you should use direct power to charge your phone.

2. Charging port problem

Cables aren’t the only factor that can cause problems with charging your phone. The phone charging port also takes some damage. You can check the port for corrosion or blockage. While this may not be the reason your device is taking longer to charge, you should at least get rid of it.

3. Background application

Both Android and iOS phones have tools that allow you to find out which apps are running in the background. For Android phones, you can check in Settings > Battery (or Device Maintenance). On iPhone, select Battery in the Settings app to see which apps are using the most power.

Some apps may use more power due to your heavy usage. You should look for apps that are short-lived but consume a lot of battery. Remove them and see if your phone’s battery life and charging speed have improved.

4. Bottled batteries

If your phone has been in use for more than two or three years and has been heavily used during that time, it may be time to consider replacing the battery.

Smartphone lithium-ion batteries do not last forever and can only be recharged a limited number of times. So it’s quite possible that the battery itself is the reason for the slow charging. If your phone has a removable battery, try replacing it with a new one.

5. Use your phone while charging

Have you ever used your smartphone while it was charging? Maybe you are the reason it takes so long to charge.

Apps like Facebook can affect your phone’s battery life. You’ll notice this clearly when you’re charging and using your phone to post photos and articles on social networks.

Your phone will struggle to provide power to use and charge at the same time. Put your phone down and let it focus on charging.

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